Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Noise Reduction Bluetooth headset out of the box: Sound quality, noise reduction and high appearance level

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This trial of “Beats Fit Pro True Wireless Noise Reduction Bluetooth Headset” tested the overall comfort, super 6 hours + 24 hours battery life with charging case, excellent sound quality and active noise reduction performance when wearing it at work, while taking care of the kids, while riding a bike and jogging. With a soft earphone holder that is not easy to fall off, the headset has been used for more than 10 days.All aspects of the performance of people can not help but thumbs up praise!Some users even commented that it was better than AirPods Pro, and immediately opened the case to share how to wear the accessories and how to actually wear them.The Beats Fit Pro comes in a solid, textured black box. When you open it, you’ll see a stiff, foggy box.▲Beats Fit Pro outer packaging box ▲ White charging outer packaging box is a fog white circular box.Matching with the classic LOGO of the red brand, any touch of the outer packaging box will not leave fingerprints, and there will be no scratch marks in daily use.▲ When you open the Beats Fit Pro outer packaging box, you can see that the basic accessories include USB-C charging cable and earplug covers in three sizes.▲Beats Fit Pro has designed a soft earhook that can help Fit the ear. At first glance, it looks like a pair of wings, which makes the overall wear more comfortable. With the selection of soft earplugs of your own size, the overall comfort and activity stability are great!As for earplugs, I think the shape and softness of the earplugs attached to Beats Fit Pro are sufficient. If you want to adjust the comfort, you can change the earplugs by yourself.▲ The appearance of Beats Fit Pro is really wireless Noise reduction Bluetooth headset. When I first saw the shape of Beats Fit Pro, I thought it was very special. When I wore it, I found it was super handsome and the overall texture was greatly enhanced.The upturned earhook is made of a very soft silicone material that helps hold most of the ear shapes in place and provides stability during movement.It is also very easy to operate. There is a press button in the B position of the two earphones. When you press the button, it makes a small “click” sound, so you can clearly know whether the button is pressed or not.The control functions of the left and right headphones of Beats Fit Pro are the same in the original setting. The operation method is as follows: Press 2 to “pause/play/answer”, press 3 to “Go back to previous track”, and hold down:/ off switch is connected fully/noise model (ears) same click answer phone, and then click hang up long press for 3 seconds to switch mode: three kinds of noise in general, active noise, transparent mode can also through the mobile phone will long according to the function is changed to “volume plus or minus”, which side can also be “set” headphones to “raise/lower volume”.Unlike other Bluetooth headphones, Beats Fit Pro’s Bluetooth connection button is located in the middle of the box, which makes it very fast to connect again.Automatically disconnects after leaving bluetooth distance, and automatically reconnects after coming back!▲ The small button in the middle of the charging case is the Bluetooth connection button ▲ The full charge time is about 6 hours, with the charging case provides an additional 18 hours, up to 24 hours of battery life!It lasts longer than normal headphones.▲Beats Fit Pro True wireless noise reduction Bluetooth headset set with Apple H1 chip more intelligent!The Beats Fit Pro is equipped with an Apple H1 chip and can be paired with one click to switch between iphones, ipads and Macs, as well as “audio sharing” to share music with friends via another Pair of Beats headphones or Apple AirPods.Also can adjust the noise reduction in the mobile phone bluetooth set/off/transparent mode, another cool “spatial audio” function is our first time to use, after wearing the audio to head the space location and open space, open regardless of head rotation move, will hear the same sound sense, opens the immersive stereo sound.▲ Mobile phone Bluetooth Settings can be adjusted at any time noise reduction/off/transparent mode, as well as the “space audio” ▲ oN the iPhone can also be set to receive notifications, such as cycling map navigation, SMS notification can choose whether to turn on.▲ In addition to the iPhone phone can be set to receive notifications ▲ In addition to the headset itself in addition to decompression design, there is also a test of the fit of the ear plug sleeve design, you can test the size of the current ear plug sleeve is suitable for you, whether there is a leakage of sound, for noise reduction function and immersive sound quality enjoyment is very helpful.The rich sound quality and noise reduction function of the real wireless in-ear Bluetooth headset, IPX4 waterproof before wearing the old headphones, you will have a sense of noise reduction, daily wear at work and then turn on the noise reduction mode, you can obviously reduce the keyboard sound.The sound of the neighbor’s car door closing and the engine starting is not noticeable.When I was working with my child on the computer at home, I couldn’t even hear the noise of my child (I could still hear the loud speech). It seemed that I had come to a realm of “me time”. The high quality performance of noise reduction was more obvious than other Bluetooth headsets I had worn.Turn on the noise reduction function, you can not hear the sound of the traffic on the street, if adjusted to the transparent mode, there will be more obvious ambient sound.▲ The Transparent mode will have obvious ambient sound. Beats Fit Pro Bluetooth headset will be very clear when listening to music and watching TV series, no matter the voice or music can be perfectly controlled.It sounds clear in detail, but it has a stable and integrated feeling. Listening to music makes the bass sound very attractive. The bass rhythm is thick and full, but it is not too aggressive, and there is no discomfort when listening to music for a long time.In the actual test, with cycling, jogging, housework, high stability is not easy to fall off, at the same time, there is IPX4 waterproof function, temporary drizzle do not worry.▲ Stability is very high and not easy to fall off, at the same time there is IPX4 waterproof function ▲ Summary whether it is sports, work, wear comfort, sound quality plus immersive sound and noise reduction function, as well as a high level of appearance of the headset shape, are very recommended a noise reduction headphones!Beats Fit Pro True wireless in-ear headphones ● Dynamic head tracking technology ● Active Noise reduction (ANC) eliminates external noise ● Easily switch to “transparent mode”,The latest Apple H1 Beats Fit Pro Wireless Noise-canceler Headphones Sports Bluetooth Headphones compatible with Apple Android IPX4 Waterproof — white if neededApple’s AirPods 3 have five advantages: Increased battery life and support for spatial audio. Accuracy is the key, according to HiEND