The next day after the disastrous defeat of the National football team in Vietnam, Li Tie visited his teacher with a smile on his face: he is heavy on affection and righteousness, and deserves praise

2022-05-08 0 By

Today, Beijing time, is the second day of the Chinese New Year, on this day, the Chinese New Year is still peaceful, and the defeat of the National football team makes countless fans angry.Today, the last national football coach Li Tie also has a new dynamic, he went to the home of teacher Zhang Yin, teacher for a visit.Li Tie and Zhang Yin talk very happily, looks good mood.Li, who took over as China’s coach in January 2020, led the team through to the top 40 last summer, but failed to deliver a convincing 3-2 win over Vietnam in the round of 12 thanks to wu Lei’s late goal, causing some controversy off the pitch.Finally, Li Tie dismissed, Li Xiaopeng took over the coach, Li Tie in the national football team coaching also ended in haste.On the second day of the lunar New Year, Li Tie came to his teacher Zhang Yin’s home to visit him.From the picture of the network, Li Tie and Zhang Yin are in a very good mood.In one photo, Zhang holds a mobile phone while Li looks at zhang, both smiling.Another photo shows the two of them together.Li Tie once said that he would pay New Year’s greetings to Zhang Yin on the second day of the New Year every year, and this year is no exception.Li Xiaopeng’s National football team failed to qualify for the World Cup in advance after losing 3-1 to Vietnam last night.After the game, many fans began to apologize to Li Tie, some people think that Li Tie and Li Xiaopeng, compared with the ability is actually stronger, but talk too much will lose.Of course, in any case, Li Tie’s persistence in visiting his teacher is worthy of praise. He is a man who values friendship and loyalty. There is no doubt about this.