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Chapter 6 Tried to ruin her face on her first day?”Go out, Lieber, and I’ll have a nice chat with my sister.”Qiao Xinlan sneer.Lieber: “This…””Get out, Lieber.”The voice came from behind. Li Bo turned his head and saw Gan Yongyan at the door.She had changed her clothes, and looked very matronly and calm.Seeing Li Bo not leaving, Gan Yongyan laughed and said, “It’s just a mental illness. Li Bo cares about it very much?”Li Bo knew that he had been with Weng Xiuling, so Gan Yongyan has not liked himself, and refused to be suspected.Lieber had to look worried about himself.But master sometimes orders me to take care of Miss Jo, and won’t Master blame it if anything happens…”Gan Yongyan’s eyes fell on Qiao Ying, like a viper spitting: “You say that as if I can do anything, I can be her mother anyway, right?Do you think I would harm her?”Mother?Qiao Ying really want to take the mirror gan Yongyan that a pig face.So she can see what she really is.There are few people in the world who are so ignorant of themselves, but Joe’s family is a whole bunch of them.In a way, Joe’s family is a bit of a bitch.Rip left, and the door closed again.The air in the room seemed frozen, with indescribable depression, Gan Yongyan stared at Qiao Ying’s face.It was a face she would never forget!Xiu-ling weng!”You have a face just like your mother’s!”Gan yongyan took a step forward, raising her hand with red nails.Qiao Ying felt uncomfortable, Gan Yongyan’s eyes too dark, let her have a snake wrapped on the illusion, with the red nails, let a person’s heart hair.Most venomous woman’s heart, this is the first day, will let her disfigure!Qiao Ying pushed qiao Xinlan, Qiao Xinlan leaned back, almost fell to the ground, fortunately Gan Yongyan helped.”Nuts!Don’t you dare push me away!?”Qiao Xinlan stand straight body, hand a slap will throw past.But the madman moved so fast that he jumped onto the bed in an instant.This slap failed to hit Qiao Ying body, but photographed the back of the chair, painful Qiao Xinlan grin.”…”Is this maniac a loach?So slippery!Qiao Xinlan angrily stared at the other side.See that madman already tightly embrace quilt, both hands neurotic buckle on the quilt to buckle, nails and cloth friction, a terrible sound.She hung her head, shaking and mumbling to herself.”Don’t hit me, don’t hit me, Yingying pain –” and Weng Xiuling’s eyes and eyebrows, the bright features were crazy silly cover, eclipsed.Gan Yongyan was in a trance.Think of that year Weng Xiuling high above, never take is looking at her, even if she has the door provocation, that woman or with a kind of compassion and calm expression condescending to see her.She’s like a clown.Singing a one-man show in the audience.Now, however, her daughter was craven and mad, and nothing like her mother.Gan Yongyan suddenly smiled, from this madman, she found never had a sense of superiority.”Oh, Oh, oh, this is your daughter, a silly lunatic.You are so proud that even if you live, you will die of anger.”Gan Yongyan laughed out loud happily.She didn’t see the girl in the bed freeze as she spoke.The knuckles of the fingers under the duvet were white, and the veins on the back of the hand were bulging, as if they were exerting restraint.Qiao Xinlan some confused: “what Weng Xiuling?””Nothing, a loser.”Gan Yongyan faint way, “go, and a madman dispute what.””Oh?”Qiao Xinlan looked at the eye bed, unwilling to bite the lip, “Mom, really let this madman live in our house?””Just a madman, and the Joes don’t treat her badly.”Gan Yongyan raised her hand, her bright nails shimmering in the light, and she hissed, “Why should a newly made nail be used to tease a mad dog? If you pull the nail, it will not pay the price.”Gan yongyan glanced at Qiao Ying again.The other, however, looked as if she could not understand what they were saying.Boring.Gan Yongyan triumphant hum, pull unwilling Qiao Xinlan leave.Their conversation could still be heard through the door.”Mom, it’s bad luck to keep a fool at home.””Even worse, she is now a harsh fiancee.If you are up to it, grab it back.””But Li Han ignored me…””Tomorrow birthday party, you take advantage of the opportunity, if not, there is that thing…”The voices died away.Although it was afternoon, the sun was shining in July. Qiao Ying only pulled the quilt for a while, then she was sweating hot.Crystal sweat fell from the brow from the eyelashes. The sweat was salty, and Qiao Ying felt her eyes tingling as if they had been stung.Maybe it’s not just sweat.Silence swallowed the space.For a moment, Qiao Ying felt desolate.She wiped her face, sweat and unknown liquid away, got up, locked the door behind her, and returned to her stool.The desktop has only one game in addition to its own system.– Hunter OL.Qiao Ying skillfully input the password.A line of large red characters fluttered across the screen, causing a ripple.White horse not horse: front row worship divine light!In the first month is the bride: ah ah ah!Husband you finally line!Clank: Don’t mess around upstairs, it’s clearly my husband!Husband look at me!Chat quickly rolled, Y god on the line of the moment on the brush hundreds, just in the public is still brushing husband, the top of the public screen appeared a message, fully stopped for five seconds.God of War: Y god, are you interested in cooperating?God of War: Y, are you interested in cooperating?Mars · Wu Shao: Y god, what interest do you have in cooperation?One horn in five seconds, the God of War four less even brush three, and as if not enough, the whole gang took turns bombing.All of a sudden, the loudspeakers are begging for cooperation.It’s not just Ares Pavilion. Every gang is responding.Fly feather: fly yu building sincere cooperation, request you settle, Y god see us!Orange summer: Y god Y god, our Qingyun Pavilion is not bad!Two out of ten on the list!Flower rabbits: One, two, three…The top ten gangs in the district are out, Y god cow!My adrenaline is pumping!Lose to call my father: otherwise how is Y god?Y god is not in these days, but every day in the War-god pavilion, afraid of other Y God one step to abduct.Ding Ding: Y god will not come out to respond?Wonder which team Y will join.At this moment, everyone’s favorite god Y is in the hunting arena.On the computer screen, the shadow Elf is standing at the corner of a tall building. The shadow falls completely, covering the body of the shadow Elf.This is a dead end.Not far away, a human mage is holding his staff, whizzing against the elite inside the building.Elite heads have reduced health.5, 4, 3, 2…The shadow elite who had been holding back suddenly made a move.The dagger streaked a dark streak through the air.’Look out!The human mage platoon channel suddenly rang out with a cry of surprise.And yet — “Too late.”Qiao Ying slightly hook lips, finger flying operation, but three seconds, human master will lie on the ground.FirstBLood — Sound effects pop up on the map.”Good heavens.”The human mage stared blankly at the darkened screen.The skill icon is still glowing.”I thought I told you to be careful.”Opposite, the team carefully maneuvered the hunters back.He was very close to the human mage.Human mage want to cry without tears of open wheat: “careful fart, I have no time to put skills…””This is hanging!I put my eyes out.”Another teammate sighed: “you look at the kill news.”Confused, the human mage opens the kill panel.Then there was an amazing roar.”Oh my god!Y god!””I said hang up!””Human hanging force!!”Voice just fell, kill the channel jumped out of two messages.”The grass!No one in sight!”The hunter gritted his teeth.Jiansheng mentality is relatively stable, anyway, see Y god name that moment, know can’t win.He was decisive.After all, a death by Y is worth it.(Click on the card above to read the full text oh ↑) Thank you for reading, if you feel small series recommended books meet your taste, welcome to give us a comment message oh!Pay attention to the Girls’ Novel Research Institute, xiaobian for you continue to recommend wonderful novels!