Breathtaking!A two-year-old girl’s throat was stabbed with a fork in her meal

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A two-year-old girl’s life was in danger after she fell during a meal and the metal fork was inserted into her throat, hitting her cervical vertebra.On March 27, the girl was sent overnight from Ezhou to Wuhan for treatment. After careful surgery by experts from hubei Oral and maxillofacial trauma Treatment Center, the child was saved from danger.”The fork blocked the airway, and only a two-year-old child could be given tracheotomy for anesthesia, setting a new record for the youngest age of tracheotomy anesthesia in our hospital.”Experts said that although the case of foreign body insertion in the mouth is rare, but every year can meet, parents must strengthen the care, do not let children take sharp items in the hand, to avoid the occurrence of accidental injury.The girl, Niu Niu (pseudonym), is 2 years and 3 months old and lives in Liangzi Lake, Ezhou City.At about 6 o ‘clock in the evening of March 27, Niu Niu and her sister were eating with rice bowls in the next room when they suddenly burst into tears.The family hears the sound to seek, see niuniu face face down lie on the ground, hold up just discover, the meal fork that the child eats at ordinary times inserts a throat from inside the mouth, only the handle part of spheroid is exposed outside the mouth.The frightened family subconsciously tried to pull out the fork, but could not.After being sent to the local hospital, the doctor tried to pull out the rice fork, but failed. Therefore, he suggested that the child be transferred to Wuhan for treatment, and contacted the Hubei Provincial Oral and maxillofacial Trauma Treatment Center of Wuhan University Stomatological Hospital to open the green channel for the child.At 11 PM, Niu niu was sent to the Stomatological Hospital of Wuhan University.Li Zhi, director of the department of Oral and maxillofacial trauma and TEMPORomandibular joint Surgery, He Sangang, chief physician, Lu Kun, deputy chief physician, and other experts immediately took over the treatment.CT examination results taken overnight show that niu niu’s injury is very difficult.The front end of the fork is a metal fork, which is inserted diagonally into the soft tissue of the left tongue root, oropharyngeal cavity and posterior pharyngeal wall from the right side of the mouth.Perhaps related to the direction and momentum of Niu niu when she fell, the fork was bent at a 90° Angle in front of the cervical vertebra, resembling a rake.”The parents and local doctors were unable to remove the fork easily because it was distorted and stuck.If the fork had not been deformed and had been inserted directly into the cervical spine and injured the spinal cord, the child could have become paraplegic.”He Sangang said.The girl fell and accidentally inserted the fork into her throat.Reporter Li Xian takes to overcome two big problems, take out rice fork smoothly at the same time, the mediastinum inside girl bosom already appeared accumulate gas, if cause mediastinum infection, oppress heart, the consequence cannot bear to imagine.Surgery must be done as soon as possible.At noon on 28th, Niu niu was sent to the operating room.Three specialists in oral-maxillofacial trauma and temporomandibular joint surgery participated in the operation.He SAN Gang introduced, the operation encountered the first problem is anesthesia.The doctor wanted to give Niuniu a noninvasive anesthesia through a nasopharyngeal tube.But there was a fork in the fork, blocking the airway, and the anesthesiologist couldn’t get through the airway after repeated attempts.After discussion, the final decision to do tracheotomy, anesthesia.The two-year-old child’s trachea is delicate and difficult to operate. Fortunately, the plan was sufficient. After careful operation, the doctor cut a 0.8cm incision in Niuniu’s trachea cartilage to complete tracheal intubation and general anesthesia.Getting the fork is the second problem.Because the rice fork inserted into the tongue, from the bottom of the mouth through the air duct area to the oral pharyngeal cavity, straight to the pharyngeal wall, and there is a 90° Angle bend, it is difficult to pull out the original way;In addition, the position of the rice fork is close to the cervical spine and neck artery, and a slight carelessness may touch the cervical spine or blood vessels, resulting in secondary injuries.After further discussion and judgment during the operation, the doctor moved carefully, finally found a suitable Angle, and pulled out the fork little by little.The wound was sutured after exploration without obvious bleeding. The operation was finally completed two hours later and Niuniu was safe.”Thanks to the doctor and the ‘temporary mother’ whose name I don’t know,” a reporter from Changjiang Daily saw Niu Niu in the ward on the morning of 30th. Dressed in a hospital gown, niu niu was playing coquette in her mother’s arms. The tracheotomy cut on her neck was still covered with tape.After a dangerous situation, my mother was very gentle to Niuniu and kept touching her back.”Niuniu is very good, usually eat by themselves, never thought of meeting such a danger.”Niuniu’s aunt told Changjiang Daily that the whole family was in a panic when the incident happened. Fortunately, the local hospital contacted the wuhan hospital in advance and the child was admitted to hospital that night. They were relieved.In addition to the doctor’s saving grace, there was another detail that my aunt would never forget.After the operation, Niuniu was sent to ICU for care and care. Her mother was pregnant, so she entrusted her aunt to accompany her.The frightened child cried out for her mother at night, and nurses and aunts took turns holding her in their arms.One of the nurses also had a baby at home. Perhaps the smell of milk on her body brought a sense of security. Niuniu loved her so much that the nurse and her aunt took turns to hold Niuniu in the rest of the night.”Wearing a mask, I don’t know who she is or what she looks like.Special thanks to the temporary moms.”Aunt said.The doctor examined the girl’s recovery from the operation.Reporter Wang Chunlan again after a few days to recover, Niuniu can be discharged home.According to Li Zhi, director of the hospital’s oral and maxillofacial trauma and temporomandibular joint surgery department, accidental injuries like Niuniu’s are rare, but the hospital encounters similar cases every year with foreign objects including chopsticks, forks and toothbrush handles inserted into the mouth.So remind parents, to strengthen the care of children, do not let children put sharp objects in hand, to avoid the occurrence of accidental injury.Source: Changjiang Daily Wuhan client