Amoxicillin is cost-effective, but only effective for 4 types of disease, remind: do not abuse!

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With the continuous improvement of social living standards, the diet is also constantly bringing forth the new and pursuing the complex sense. Because everything is pursuing the word “new”, the public is Mired in sub-health state, and all kinds of diseases emerge in endlessly. Seeing a doctor is the basic truth that a three-year-old child knows.Some minor ailments in the body cannot be avoided by taking medicine to alleviate, I believe you are no stranger to amoxicillin, which is very cost-effective and belongs to the family essential medicine, once there is some inflammation in the body, you will take a pill to relieve the body discomfort.So the question is, do you really know amoxicillin?Amoxicillin clinical name amoxicillin, is a conventional and common synthetic penicillin antibiotic, white powder, half-life in about an hour, according to the individual constitution there are differences.In daily life, amoxicillin is regarded as a magic drug, believing that no matter what kind of inflammation, any kind of intractable situation can be alleviated and improved by amoxicillin.Although as antiphlogistic drugs, sterilization and anti-inflammatory inhibition of disease, but in fact, it belongs to the category of antibiotics, not anti-inflammatory.Family members will choose amoxicillin for common cold and cough, but it is only effective for bacterial infection.And more than 90% of the cold population are due to the virus, fungus induced, drugs are not symptomatic, abuse of antibiotics, but harmful.So life must polish eyes, do not use drugs, damage to health.Amoxicillin is cost-effective, but only effective for 4 types of disease, remind: do not abuse!1. Inflammation of the digestive system Once there is bacterial infection in the digestive tract, patients usually present with nausea and vomiting, bad breath, acid in the mouth, belching and so on.In such cases amoxicillin can be taken to improve the symptoms.Amoxicillin can inhibit bacterial proliferation, play an anti-inflammatory role, reduce gastric acid secretion, protect gastrointestinal mucosa.At the same time, with a healthy diet, three light and balanced meals, away from spicy, greasy, irritating and other heavy taste food, to avoid affecting the medicine, aggravate the disease.2. Respiratory tract infection Respiratory tract infection is divided into upper and lower respiratory tract infections.The former basically points to inflammation after nasal cavity, for example pharyngitis, tonsillitis, laryngitis and so on.The latter basically points to bronchitis, chronic bronchitis, acute bronchitis.These conditions can be treated with non-amoxicillin remission.3, urinary organ infection due to bacterial infection caused by urinary organ inflammation, urinary mucosa, clinical symptoms are severe pain in urination, urgent urination, fine urine weakness, urine with blood, little urine and burning, serious or induce nausea and vomiting, fever, cold and other chronic diseases, serious damage to physical and mental health.Existence afore-mentioned circumstance, must go to a hospital to undertake urine routine examination, if be told clearly is caused by gram negative bacili, can pass taking amoxicillin.4, streptococcal infection if caused by streptococcal infection in the body hair folliculitis, lymphangitis, can be assisted by amoxicillin treatment.It can inhibit streptococcus hyperplasia new hair, thus to inhibit the effect of the disease.Streptococcus belongs to acute infection bacteria, once the body lymphomegaly, skin swelling and stinging treatment after repeated, be sure to find out the cause, early treatment.During the taking of amoxicillin, we must pay attention to the following 3 points: — After the symptoms disappear, it is very important to follow the doctor’s advice during the medication, if the symptoms disappear and continue to stop the drug, it is easy to appear infection, secondary recurrence leads to drug resistance.The emergence of drug resistance means that there is an immune community to penicillin antibiotics. If the next inflammation occurs due to the above four conditions, it may not be alleviated by amoxicillin, or even follow up drug reaction plus liver and kidney damage.Amoxicillin is contraindicated as a penicillin antibiotic in people with penicillin allergy, so there must be penicillin-related allergic reactions.If patients take penicillin drugs, nausea and vomiting, dizziness and nausea, redness, heat and pain, rash and urticaria, shortness of breath, rapid heartbeat and other conditions, must stay away from amoxicillin.Although the names of the two drugs differ greatly, they are both penicillin antibiotics in nature, so amoxicillin is prohibited for allergy of the same drug, which has been recorded in its contraindications.Patients taking amoxicillin for the first time must undergo a 30-minute skin test for penicillin before they can be injected and administered.– Must not use hot water to send clothes in life often listen to the old man said eat while hot, drink while hot, don’t wait for cold, although considerate, but very wrong!The temperature of the esophagus is about 60℃, and the temperature is too high to scald the epithelial mucosa, resulting in abnormal cell lesions, hyperplasia and aggregation, and easy to form chronic esophageal inflammation, pathological ulcer, which does not heal for a long time and develops into esophageal cancer.It is not safe to take drugs with small mouthfuls of hot water. Individual patients are sensitive, and it is easy to cause allergic behavior if the method is not correct.Clinical studies have found that amoxicillin in high temperature environment prone to allergic polymer, gastrointestinal mucosa stimulation, acid reflux bitter mouth and other phenomena, or even perforation.