58 Tongcheng is responsible for the Cambodian “blood slave” case. How can the information release audit be taken seriously?

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Hello, everyone, I am a small editor from tax Net 123. Last week, the blood slave case in Cambodia was the rage of both human and god. We know that the society is very chaotic, but now it is a society ruled by law, how can such “drinking human blood” exist?And the most important thing is that this kind of scam can appear openly on a listed recruitment platform. Although it may be very difficult to verify the information, this should not be a reason for recruitment platforms to evade their responsibilities. 58.com is to blame this time!When it comes to recruitment market, with the rapid development of Internet industry in recent years, many traditional intermediary companies also have turned to online services, such as 58 city, market network, zhaopin are developed through the Internet dongfeng, but although business moved to online, but did not take away ever offline some of the problems.It’s not the worst of it that employers tend to exaggerate the benefits of their job listings, which can lead to job candidates wasting a lot of time and energy sifting through companies.Because some online fraud gangs also post recruitment information on these large recruitment platforms, candidates with little social experience often lose money in the scam, and the most horrifying case of “blood slave” was exposed in Cambodia last week.Rescued party Li Yaming after being rescued to accept a number of media interviews.According to him, he saw high pay recruitment information from 58 city, then to the recruiter’s interview, but the company was engaged in industry, network fraud because ya-ming li proposed refused, eventually ya-ming li was sent to the Cambodia has experienced many times to resell network gambling companies were forced to draw blood, and suffered cruelties, ya-ming li had rescued dying.At present, the incident has been registered by the police in Cambodia and China, and strive to solve the case as soon as possible. Here, the tax net legal team also reminds the majority of applicants recruitment not to believe the high salary temptation of this kind of false advertising, the sky will not fall pie, want to earn a high salary first to see whether they have the ability.At the same time, I also hope that these large enterprises can strengthen information audit and supervision, to prevent the recurrence of tragedy!When it comes to large enterprises, we will mention this two years more and more attention to the tax planning, as soon as possible through the verification collection of self-employed, natural person levy and other ways to save tax, in compliance with the tax burden at the same time can also comb past fiscal and tax hidden dangers, why not?Tax depressions park | | festival tax headquarters economic zone – create industrial park