Spring outing qili River bank, make people love to forget to return

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At 3:00 p.m. on the sixth day of the first month, sunny, the highest temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, light north wind.Free to do nothing, with the family to swim qili river bank, from the new South China Road into the river, along the river west, stop to watch.Water rippling, crystal clear, tianshui color, is so blue, so pure, so peaceful!Visitors come and go, some fitness running, some fishing, some winter swimming, some companions, and dancing to the happy music.Although the trees and flowers on the riverside did not sprout, they were all dyed in the afterglow of the sunset. The scenery was so beautiful, so harmonious and full of vitality against the backdrop of the river.At this moment, although spring has not arrived, the cold wind is especially cold, but the atmosphere is like the prime of spring, warm people’s hearts, wake up the spirit!Qili River – beautiful water!Qili River – the river is more beautiful!Looking ahead in the south west xinhua bridge rippling tourist wind of calligraphy BiZouLongShe leaf shadows, a bunch of red square stone between yao jiang at the ferris wheel swept the horizon like a previous heat treat golden bridge under the setting sun, a long way carp jump longmen a gust of wind blowing, wake the ripples look back a river carp jump longmen statue qilihe welcome spring outing!Although she is not set off by the mountains, but she has a pure heart rippling blue waves, she is like a green and flawless silk scarf around the neck of the cow city, quietly, quietly, guarding the cow city that unrestrained soul!Welcome everyone to leave a message, welcome to pay attention to “hello day day up”, I wish you all tiger tiger power, the year of the tiger fortune!