Special channel special ward special class staff!Two hundred and ninety-six pounds. The pregnant woman in lockdown gave birth to a fat boy

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On the evening of 22nd, The Fifth People’s Hospital of Chengdu received an urgent message for help. A pregnant woman of 38 weeks +5 days appeared irregular contractions accompanied by pain in Wenjiang District. The baby might be born.The hospital immediately launched a special medical treatment plan for pregnant women, using special channels, special wards and special staff to ensure the smooth delivery of the mother and child.How to ensure the safety of pregnant women during the epidemic?City five hospitals with their smooth cooperate gives a satisfactory answer, because after this round of epidemic just happened in chengdu, chengdu COVID – 19 pandemic control command medical treatment group was issued by the chengdu under the emergency state key crowd health service security implementation plan “, the “solution” to the focus of the crowd, including maternal treatment has carried on the detailed arrangement.Before Zhou Liang entered the operating room happily than a victory gesture urgent pregnant women in the containment area for help On February 22, the 22nd of the first month, a series of “2” let us think that this day is very special.However, live in wenjiang district zhou Liang (pseudonym) lady was a little uneasy.She is 38 weeks and 5 days pregnant and the baby could arrive at any time, but just two days ago she was confirmed to be COVID-19 close contact and ordered to stay at home.What worried the whole family happened on the evening of the 22nd.Zhou Liang had irregular contractions, stomach bouts of pain, she worried about production, immediately issued a message for help.Soon, she received a call from an obstetrician at the city’s fifth hospital.Deputy chief obstetrician Han Qian recalled that Zhou Liang was in a somewhat contradictory mood, she did not know whether she was about to give birth, and did not know how to choose the mode of production, plus their home isolation has put the baby clothes in the private car, she was worried that she could not get clothes.Experts for Zhou Liang prenatal check-up doctor while evaluating Zhou Liang, while comforting her that she can immediately send an ambulance to pick her up, can also help her take the baby’s clothes.At the same time when the ambulance picked up Zhou Jing, the hospital had started the hospital treatment process, and opened the special ward for pregnant women in the closed area, and the personnel of relevant departments such as obstetrics, neonatology, anesthesia surgery center, nosocomiology department, General service department and security Department were in place simultaneously.Shun green channel hospital production let Zhou Liang did not expect is that she did not queue up to the hospital registration, no treatment, but directly into the isolation ward, and accept nucleic acid testing, doctor consultation, isolation ward has been ready for her toiletries, microwave oven, heater, have a feeling of home.Also at this stage, Zhou Liang decided to cesarean section.For the sake of the baby’s safety and better care for the baby, she decided to temporarily take care of the baby in the neonatology department after birth.Zhou jing to make a decision after, the city five hong-mei tang, vice President of the hospital for medical department immediately in accordance with the plan to make deployment, a dedicated channel operation, negative pressure operating rooms, the surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurse, and medical staff of all in place, such as feeling, general affairs section has make guidance, environmental protection sanitizers, catering supplies, safeguard section along the way to clear readiness.Hardware services and heart-warming care, all in place.According to the requirements of prevention and control work, all staff level 3 protection.At around 6 am on The 23rd, Zhou Liang gave birth to a 2.96kg male baby.Soon, the neonatology department transferred the baby to the neonatology department with a special incubator, and Zhou Liang was transferred back to the isolation ward for further observation according to the prevention and control requirements.Zhou Liang told reporters in a telephone interview, the neonatologist nurse will tell her the baby every day, and his side every day there are four medical staff to provide services, observation wound, food care, chat, “I especially thank their hard work.”Unbeknownst to Zhou, there were other obstetricians outside the isolation ward who were paying attention to her every day and conducting video consultations every day.”As the treatment center for critically ill pregnant women and newborns in western Chengdu, The Fifth Hospital of Chengdu has set up a special infant office in the medical department, with special personnel responsible for the treatment and management of pregnant women and newborns.”Medical section chief Lang Mingjian told reporters that the hospital is not only responsible for hospital maternity treatment, medical staff training, but also responsible for regional medical institutions maternity treatment and medical staff training guidance.During the epidemic, the hospital also carried out drills for the treatment of pregnant women in yellow code and closed control areas, and specially set up a separate diagnostic room for pregnant women in yellow code and closed control areas. “Pregnant women are a special group, which is related to the lives of both mother and child, and the hospital leaders and ordinary medical workers all attach great importance to this.”Immediately after the birth to the new pediatric on February 23, 24, the institute organized medical department, quality control, and infectious diseases department, gynecology and obstetrics department combing infectious diseases department again sealing centralization maternal treatment process, in a more open to maternal and newborn treatment channels, to ensure the security of maternal and infant and maternal and child safety line.Hospital party secretary jian-guo lei video maternal attachment expression concerned about 25 midnight, another 34 weeks pregnant + 4 sealing centralization of maternal accepted cesarean delivery five hospitals in the city, the puerpera is reducing appear less amniotic fluid, umbilical cord around the neck, quickened, etc., in order to ensure the security of maternal and infant, after communication with family members, terminate pregnancy.After entering the hospital, psychological experts in psychological comfort LangMingJian tells a reporter, to a special group, the hospital in addition to set up special treatment group, there are special security team, provide warm service, for example, clinical nutrition for maternal on-demand customized recipe, a therapist will be inside the isolation ward for maternal psychological assessment and treatment, etc.”As the western Regional medical center of Chengdu and the western sub-center of Chengdu, we are well aware of the great responsibility, so the hospital must fulfill its social responsibility and escort the pregnant women in the region.”Lang mingjian said.Song Jianqin reporter Deng Xiaohong For The city of Five hospitals source: Jin Guan News