Oil price “three consecutive rise”!A full tank of gas costs 8 yuan more, should it be a new energy car?

2022-05-07 0 By

Oil prices adjusted for the third time after the Lunar New Year holiday, marking the third consecutive increase this year.On February 17, according to the current pricing mechanism for refined oil products, the domestic gasoline and diesel prices will be raised by 210 yuan and 200 yuan per ton respectively from 24:00 on February 17, 2022.In fact, the increase in oil price did not just start this year. As early as 2021, there have been several increases in oil price. Each increase will increase the cost of a tank of gas.Some people may say, “Why don’t I just buy a new energy car and charge it with a charging pile?”It sounds like there is no problem, but the key is that there are too few charging piles in urban areas and too many new energy vehicles are sold. What do you think is more than a few yuan for a tank of gas, a few minutes for refueling, or two hours in line for charging each time, which way will you choose?Driving to work every day, looking at the xiaopeng, Ideal, NIO, Tesla and other new energy vehicles on the road, you will also have an impulse to change cars.After 2025, domestic fuel cars will gradually withdraw from the car stage. In the future, new energy cars on the streets are no longer rare, but the trend, but the cost of car maintenance will not be reduced.Some friends would ask, “Is charging more expensive than refueling?”In fact, regardless of the charging queue time, and the convenience and distance of the charging pile, charging is definitely cheaper than ordinary fuel. After all, oil and gas need to be refined, coupled with the impact of transportation, international oil prices and geopolitics, the price will often fluctuate, while electricity generation is relatively much simpler.So where is the new energy car?The same is 200 thousand yuan of fuel cars and new energy vehicles, there is a big difference in the endurance of some new energy vehicles reported that there is a certain amount of water, strictly speaking, the battery is good and bad.If you usually pay attention to some car enterprise information will find that the ordinary 100 thousand yuan new energy car battery needs 60 thousand yuan, a better new energy car needs 80 thousand to 120 thousand yuan, the more expensive the battery is better new energy car, the more expensive the battery will be.Just like tesla, which is hot in China, it costs 200,000 to 220,000 yuan to replace a battery for a mid-level model costing about 350,000 yuan, equivalent to about 60% of the price of the vehicle.Some friends will be more worried to see here, how many years to change the battery of the new energy car?New energy car battery change is related to the use of the situation, usually 6 to 8 years to change once.This involves the average life of fuel car engines in 15 years, more than twice the service life of new energy vehicles, so this is one of the more expensive aspects of new energy vehicles.As the number of new energy vehicles increases and charging piles become more popular, there will be more types of new energy vehicles and the price will be cheaper, which we can see in the future.At present, car maintenance is a big problem, as the saying goes: “it is easy to buy a car, but difficult to keep a car!”Today just 200,000 to buy a car, tomorrow sold to you 10% off, after a week 20% off, after a month only 60% off, opened a year of car first no matter how many kilometers, higher than 80,000 all feel expensive.Let’s take a look at the car data in February, handle a car wash card 300 yuan, can wash 10 times, can’t let their hands too dirty car!Car battery charging 300 yuan, refueling 1200 yuan, parking fee (company) : 500 yuan, residential parking fee: 600 yuan, parking fee (outside) : 20+15+20+10+10+10=85 yuan.This only led to 3 weeks spent me 2985 yuan, this month is thousands of ocean car, this still does not calculate the annual maintenance cost, maintenance cost, illegal fines and so on cost, so it is not difficult to buy a car, difficult to raise the cost of the car.For the majority of car owners, think twice before buying a car. The rise in oil prices is only a small fluctuation. The real problem lies in the daily cost of the car.When considering the cost of oil prices, car owners should also consider the cost of new energy vehicles, but also combined with the family’s own affordability to choose, sometimes keeping up with the trend is the general trend, but do what one can is the foundation of life, do not be a car dragged down the quality of life of the family.