Jingdong Beijing made steam foot tub, mom and dad with good

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The day is cold, every day when I get home from work, I just want to bubble my feet, massage them, and then lie down in bed and have a good sleep.But the traditional foot bucket, the use of frequent water filling water, it is too troublesome.Might as well try JZ-OG18-WH steam foot bath made in Beijing Tokyo, the complex for the simple, 1 minute fast steam, fumigation side massage, abandon the traditional foot bath with water pouring water heating tiring operation, let you more comfortable enjoy foot bath time.It only needs to be filled with water at a time, and the steam can be fully visible. The steam filling lasts for 20 minutes or more.There are three steps of temperature adjustment to meet the requirements of different scenarios, and two steps of timing optional, convenient and fast.Foot bath bottom adopts pedal massage design, make comfortable double.At present, the price is 349 yuan on the official flagship store of JD.com, which is believed to be a pretty good choice for parents.(7859791).