Ben English44: The US economy is recovering from the pandemic and consumers are still spending

2022-05-07 0 By

Ben English44The good news is that the economy is still growing at a healthy clip as it recovers from the pandemic recession. Consumers just keep on spending. And even if the Fed does begin to hike interest rates, it is unlikely to do so at such a rapid pace or scale that it would do too much damage to the economy in the near-term.”There's enough stimulus in the system to not worry about the 'stag' part of this equation for many quarters to come,”cliprecover fromrecessionspendbe unlikely Topacescalenear termstimulusquarterequation – the good news is that when the economy to recover from the recession, with healthy rebound in growth.Consumers keep spending.Even if the Federal Reserve were to start raising interest rates, it is unlikely to do so at a pace or scale that would disrupt the economy in the near term.”There is enough stimulus in the system so that people don’t have to worry about the stagflation part of the balance for many quarters to come.”