World of warcraft: how does TBC decide that milking is a douche?The volume of treatment, it’s pretty obvious

2022-05-06 0 By

In world of warcraft TBC nostalgia, milk riding is a very important profession, because in each team will take two, milk on the main professional is also very obvious, generally in the middle of the team with sp, in 1.5 SEC, tanks poured milk must be on duty, because play don’t need milk to ride to add blood, need milk on blood is only one place,That’s the tank.Previously in the forum saw a milk rider player was excluded, the gold group did not share the salary, the reason is actually the first treatment of milk rider crush the player, the player is only in the milk tank, and the first milk rider flash the whole group, this kind of thing really can not say.In fact, many leaders do not know what milk is, is it just a BUFF, hair healing?When adding milk on blood T, the silence is an accident, the rest of the situation is no accident, T how down is T problem, is in 1.5 seconds, from 100% of HP instant to 0, 1.5 seconds on a skill and milk, don’t add up, lay on hands is not commonly used skills so you can’t count.This is the hardness of the T problem, in the dark herd, the BOSS every ordinary attack within 0.5 seconds, no holy light skills, you can determine the level of a milk ride.And of course, in the case of no shadow priest, milk ride with a karaoke zan and T5, enter the T6 is quite enough, but at some point T fall down, milk riding is not solely, for milk on the treatment of excessive also does not make sense, actually milk ride need to attribute is intelligence, intelligence can not only increase crit can also increase the amount of blue.There is also a very important point, that is a simple interface and plug-in layout, which also determines whether The milk riding can be competent for their responsibilities, the influence can reach more than 50%, the rest of the team is naturally the dark herd, and their own understanding of the outfit.Milk, of course, riding a professional it was obvious to everyone, but some players think milk riding is a mixed son, now this is really simple, there is no way a lot of milk to ride just know no brain flashes, their therapeutic dose gao, also considered themselves to play well, but the milk on the least requirement is the amount healed, all treatment more than TuanShua milk riding, all players are slackers.If you have any opinion on this, please comment in the comments section.