Today is a special day for China

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February 4 will be a special day that will go down in Chinese history and the history of the Olympic Movement around the world.In other words, on this day, at a special time, in a special place, China welcomed special guests and hosted a special event.Four happiness!The first happy, the fourth day of the year.We are still in the Spring Festival, the most joyous and peaceful day for Chinese people.What’s more, now the Spring Festival, not only for us Chinese, is becoming a worldwide festival.Even in some places overseas, lion dancing and firecrackers are more lively than in many places in China.The unique charm of the Spring Festival can be seen from the increasing number of foreign leaders rushing to pay New Year’s visits.This year, Vladimir Putin, Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron…Leaders of almost all major countries look forward to good luck in the Year of the Tiger.Such a long line of New Year’s greetings, the feeling is unprecedented.Fourth grade, good day.Second, the beginning of Spring.Of our traditional 24 solar terms, this is the first solar term.From this day on, China enters spring, a most vigorous and vibrant season in terms of solar terms.There is not a spring that does not come.A year’s plan begins in spring.As a New Year begins, everything looks new.What a good sign.Third joy, friends coming from afar.In addition to sports figures, at least 32 international dignitaries came to Beijing.Many, like Putin, have not been to China for at least two years.As I said before, this is the largest number of foreign dignitaries to visit China in the past two years and the highlight of China’s diplomacy at home in the past two years. This is especially rare against the backdrop of the global epidemic and the us and western repression.Rare!!!Rare!!!This also fully shows a point, justice is comfortable in the people, our friends all over the world.How delightful it is to have friends coming from afar!Fourth, the Winter Olympics have opened.With so many friends pouring in, on such a good and auspicious day, there is naturally an even greater good happening — February 4th, the world’s biggest sporting event of the year, the Beijing Winter Olympics.Beijing, the world’s most famous city, will go down in history in a different way: as the double Olympic City — the first and so far the only city in the history of the world to host both the Summer and winter Olympics.This is the new charm of Beijing.Fourth, on February 4th.What does that tell us?Special days, language is pale.Let’s keep three things simple.First, the Chinese are becoming more confident.Despite the pandemic, Not to mention the United States, China still held the Winter Olympics as scheduled, which is both a challenge and a confidence.China is ready, we will not mess around.Such is the confidence of the Chinese people today.There is no difficulty, can rare fall the great Chinese people.There should be no doubt that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be the most successful ever.We have full confidence.If you don’t believe me, read it.Second, China’s diplomacy is becoming more confident.All the crackdowns, all the noise, a lot of gamesmanship, it’s definitely still in the pipeline.I think we all know that.However, there are still so many international dignitaries coming here. As I said earlier, at least one thing is clear: justice is at home.If we look at it from another Angle, doesn’t it show more of China’s enterprising and confident diplomacy today?The more you fight, the more we fight.In the case of the five Central Asian countries, the presidents of the five countries came to Beijing shortly after a video summit.Even if some countries do not participate in the games, the president will personally come to congratulate, to participate in the event.This is the charm of China’s diplomacy today.Third, Chinese culture is becoming more confident.In the past, when foreigners first felt about China, their first reaction was always about China’s manufacturing and economy. But I always felt that China’s greatest strength was still soft power, and the core of which was Chinese culture and 5,000-year civilization.In 5,000 years of civilization, the Chinese people cannot give up the Spring Festival.Today’s Spring Festival, the world began to celebrate;The world is fascinated by the Chinese zodiac.During the most joyous Spring Festival, on the beginning of Spring, the Winter Olympic Games opened splendidly.I can’t help but feel that this is a well-chosen choice. It is a happy occasion and fully demonstrates to the world the soft power and charm of Chinese culture.This is our cultural confidence, and cultural confidence is the most profound and lasting strength.The world is undergoing profound changes unseen in a century. China cannot be immune to challenges and difficulties. We must remain sober-minded.But inside cultivate wende, outside serve friends, natural near yue, far come!We will be more emboldened and confident when the government is in harmony and the people are happy.Therefore, virtue is not solitary, there must be neighbors.February 4, 2022, what a mellow day, a historic day for Beijing, For China, and for the World Olympic movement.Four happiness.The year of the Tiger is sure to be auspicious!