On the first day of the Chinese New Year in 2022, I sent a New Year message to 9009 of my wechat friends

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One day at the beginning of the New Year, a little to the old son.Now popular wechat New Year, so New Year is from the Internet.Speaking, I am not immune from vulgarity, although I do not like to copy a paragraph from the Internet, and then turn around the copy + paste way.But how do you fight convention?I have 9009 friends on wechat, and it occurred to me that I could use this traditional festival to send a New Year message to each of them.After all, a lot of friends’ names just lie in the address book, with little interaction.Indeed, many of our friends have fallen out of touch.Say again, not year not section of, you contact somebody else, somebody else will ask you have no matter, you say nothing, somebody else will suspect you sick, nothing contact do?And to the Spring Festival, there is no doubt, how you send are Chinese New Year, people will like.No sooner said than done.As I used to do in previous years, IT would have been one to one, but the project was too big and too demanding, so I opted for a group assistant.200 at a time, about 46 times, and although the project is still huge, the workload has been greatly reduced.It’s easier said than done, because with about 2,000, the system will remind you that you’re doing too much.Then they couldn’t operate, so they were forced to rest for three hours before resuming.I guess that’s a legal right to rest.After so many stops and stops, the work was finally finished.Even though it’s a group message, you need to click on every contact.Looking through the address book, the names of these friends appear in front of my eyes, and I think of the stories I have communicated with these friends, where I have met, which friends I have contacted recently, and which friends I have communicated with on wechat. What we exchanged is also a kind of aftertaste to the old events.Older, more and more easy to recall the past, because the past can only be recalled.In fact, there are several dead friends in the address book, have not been willing to delete them.In my heart, I always think that as long as I do not delete them, they are not far away from me, especially when I see their names, I think of their life.These friends died prematurely, either on business or by accident, leaving people with endless feelings about the impermanence of life.I also tried to send a wechat message to them, but of course there was no reply. I hope their family members still keep their wechat messages, at least to let their families know that there are friends other than family members who are concerned about the deceased.After all, wechat numbers also have a certain value, and may one day be included in the category of heritage.If sending a group message takes time and effort, I did not expect that the more tired is to see the reply message.We Chinese pay attention to propriety, so we must return the message.Look at the reply of the message, than the group of messages also tired.In addition to some information is too long, the New Year’s good all written.This is not very good, because people can not be too greedy ah!Nine out of ten things go wrong in life.There are also some friends in a hurry to make a mistake, there is a reply that general Zhao, Li Bureau, Director Zhang, multifarious.Of course, I know that people now respond to the message is a burden, so simply write a fixed format, and then change the title.These titles and titles are just symbols. It’s not what people call them that matters, but the willingness.Is that a happy New Year?In fact, I have a selfish, see how many friends have deleted me, because my personal circle of friends hair more frequently, so many people add friends often play a good prevention in advance: if you think I send more content, you can use “only chat” function.After all, not everyone knows about this feature.After testing, only 2 friends have deleted me, well, this proportion is low already let me thank god.Fortunately, two more friends were added today, so 9009 remains unchanged.This group New Year’s greetings SMS do not know whether there are missing friends, if you did not receive, also do not get angry, must be my oversight, here I give all subscribers, all friends New Year!I wish you all a happy and prosperous New Year!February 1, 2022