Liuyang Zhonghe town innovation to carry out “village head, village head, neighborhood, neighborhood evaluation” activities

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Changsha, January 28 (People’s Daily Online) — The party is the key to rural revitalization and effective governance.Town of liuyang in hunan province and continue to deepen the party-mass judges “five to the home” and “party convergence” project, in order to grasp the party to promote the reform of grassroots governance as an opportunity, actively explore the “village head about the village head, neighborhood neighborhood evaluation of” new social governance model, between the party member masses to set up a “face to face communication, corners exchanges, out side by side” is intimate friends the bridge,Let the “last step” for Party members to contact and serve the masses become the “best step”.The neighbor decides how well the job is done.Zhonghe town to the party branch as the basic unit, through the organization of party members into the field, performance, evaluation results, promote party cadres to show their identity, responsibility, commitment.Enter the room, enhance the participation rate of the masses.In line with the principle of not delaying the villagers’ normal work and facilitating villagers’ participation, Zhonghe Town held the activity of “village head matters village head, neighborhood love neighborhood evaluation” at night, in the farmhouse and in the farmer’s house.The “reporting team” composed of “1+1+1+N” led by the united Village Party members, the general branch secretary of the village party (the first secretary in the village), the party branch secretary and all the micro grid length of the branch (the united party members), to achieve “zero distance” communication, “full coverage”, the masses “participation”.State performance, enhance social recognition.Members of the “duty reporting team” focused on the implementation of the “five households” work to do a good job of duty reporting, combined with the characteristics of their respective positions and functional division of labor, respectively, on the joint village guidance, grass-roots party construction, rural revitalization, help difficulties and other “duty reporting” in an all-round way.Through face-to-face reporting, further strengthen the identity of party members, sense of responsibility and sense of mission, but also let the masses more intuitive and real feel the grass-roots party members of the dedication and responsibility, enhance the masses of grass-roots Party organizations trust and support.Evaluate the effectiveness and enhance the sense of urgency in performing duties.In the way of anonymous evaluation, organize on-site masses to democratic evaluation of the party branch, branch secretary, micro grid long (affiliated party members) performance of the situation.The evaluation results are two-way feedback to the party members and the masses of the branch, and serve as an important basis for training and education, selection and appointment of village-level reserve cadres, as well as evaluation and reward.Early warning and interview will be given to the micro-grid leaders (affiliated party members) who rank the bottom 20% in the evaluation of excellence rate, so as to strengthen the atmosphere of “competing with ability, performance and contribution” among party members.Party-mass were speaking the word of “things” to earnestly condensed development force focused around which is closely linked with the mass production and living things, the key matter, carefully prepared to important conference spirit, policies and regulations propaganda preached, focus on building of grassroots party branch into propaganda the party’s claim, implement the party’s decisions, leading grassroots governance, solidarity, mobilize the masses, promoting reform and development of strong fighting forts.The theme of the speech should be precise.Combined with the study and education of party history and the central work throughout the year, the spirit of the sixth plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, the Central Economic Work Conference, the provincial and municipal Party congress and other important meetings, as well as the epidemic prevention and control, traffic safety, pollution prevention and control, roof construction and other central work points as the “must choose action” to preach.Combined with the regional cultural characteristics and stage work focus, according to local conditions, according to the situation to do a good job of industrial development, “two insurance” collection, water conservancy winter repair and other policies of publicity and interpretation.The preaching team strives to be lean.The establishment of “history of the party in one hundred one hundred people speak” and “the backbone” young cadre XuanJiangTuan, in addition to arrange party leaders, young cadres, school teachers, police officers to join the XuanJiangTuan, will also be a model of rural people, rich masters, such as rural grassroots mouth, local expert team of leading role as a driving people to absorb to preach,A pattern of public lectures has been formed in which Party members and officials take the lead in making public lectures, professionals make public lectures systematically, grassroots groups interact with each other, and neighbors make public lectures at any time.The content of the lecture should be excellent.We should convey the Party’s line, principles, policies and regulations to the people through micro videos, micro stories and other lively forms, and effectively make our speeches more accessible, appealing, and penetrating, so that party members can understand them, sit on them, remember them, and use them.For example, in the traffic safety propaganda, Yi Lihui, the seventh level Party branch, used his own personal experience of the traffic accident to persuade the surrounding people to ride motorcycles must wear safety helmets, which played a very good education and warning effect.We must hand over the microphone to the people, listen carefully to their thoughts, concerns and expectations, and use the “hard work index” of party members and cadres to improve the “happiness index” of the people.Establish a “public sentiment account”.Analyze and sort out the opinions and demands collected at the scene of the activities of each branch article by article, and clarify the party members, responsible leaders, responsible units, time limit and progress of handling one by one.Up to now, zhonghe town has held 39 activities of “village head matters village head report, neighborhood sentiment neighborhood evaluation”, collected 183 appeals of public opinions, and clearly led 135 party members, 11 responsible leaders, and 23 responsible units.Build a “processing chain.”People’s appeals are classified in green, blue and orange from easy to difficult.”Green” micro practical matters by the leading party members and the branch as soon as possible to solve;The “blue” micro practical matters shall be solved jointly by the leading party member and the responsible unit;The “orange” minor matters, such as the construction of new roads, Bridges and housing fields, which are difficult to solve for a while, should be submitted to the party-government joint meeting for study and resolution by the leading Party members, responsible leaders and responsible units.Since the launch of the campaign, a total of 162 people to help solve the maintenance of street lights, garbage removal and other “micro matters” of people’s livelihood.Set up “echo wall”.For the problems reported by the masses, Zhonghe Town opened a “livelihood feedback wall” in 38 Party branches throughout the town, and regularly publicized the handling of “micro practical matters” to respond.Responsible leaders and responsible units respond to the demands of the masses one by one through online communication and offline visits in micro-grid groups, and truly “every piece has its place and everything has its echo”.(Tang Xin and Zhang Junying)