Men identify with you and give you these special treatments instead of favors

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The world is like the tide people like the sea, people alone such as send, hidden in the meantime, longing for the warmth and comfort of love, but love is so difficult.The rush and speed of life deprives people of the opportunity and ability to find love slowly.In the best age, meet the best people, need not only fate, and luck.Some love, such as fireworks, when hot and gorgeous, let a person dazzled god fan;But in a moment of full bloom, silent disappear dispersed, so that the original dark sky more cold and lonely.Some men, when you are so firm, as if you can break through thorns.This firm persuaded the woman, let the woman leave their castle, desperate to follow.But suddenly, as if without warning, those firmness withdrew, leaving the woman disappointed.”No one really likes to be lonely,” Haruki Murakami said in Norwegian Wood. “They just don’t like to be disappointed.”No one will really resist true love, just afraid to accompany a mind of uncertain people to consume a youth.Maybe the love and fervor are true, just a flash in the pan.The road of life is too long, only absolute identification, will let the love of the people, after seeing all the scenery, but also willing to accompany each other to see the life of the trivial flow.A man has you, and he’s not just giving you a moment’s attention. He’s giving you these perks. Be sure to recognize them.Many people are willing to use money to measure the truth and falseness of a relationship, but in fact, compared with money, time is more valuable.As people often say, company is the longest confession of love.When a man truly loves you and believes in you, he will make time for you.When he identified you, he will not take “busy” as a perfunctory excuse, will not be “tired” to escape you, more will not accompany you as another need to spend energy to deal with the work.He sees your company as a way to catch his breath, a comfort in a busy and tired life.He does not just want to accompany you shopping holiday, not just accompany you with vigorous and victorious, he also wants to accompany you to simply eat tea, walk and chat.One house two people, three meals four seasons, plain life, because of each other’s company, immersion halo out of many meaningful flavor.True romance is not only flowers and confessions, not only gifts and surprises on holidays, but also the desire to share and warmth within reach in ordinary life.Mr. Mu Xin wrote in the poem “Once upon a time slow” : people in front of the carriage is very slow, life is only enough to love a person.But now, many people start to enjoy fast love, come quickly, also go quickly.Many feelings, before seen in people, will be lost in the rush of the crowd.To avoid the trouble of explaining to relatives and friends around you at the end, some men’s likes and loves, favoritism and tenderness, honey words and vows are visible only to you.He has no intention of introducing you to his friends, no intention of letting his parents know you, and some bad people will even claim to be single while playing hot with you.Love is different from other feelings, the biggest difference is the exclusivity and exclusivity of love.If a man is true love, he will declare it to the public, not to show affection, but to let the people around you know that you have someone to belong, so as to prevent others from coveting, let him feel at ease.When a man truly believes in you, he won’t mind you coming into his world and will even invite you in.The friends who introduce you to him, the friends who take you home to meet him, the friends who treat you as a vital part of his life, the friends who will try their best to create a future and marry you as soon as possible.And those men who will only be on the contrary, he does not want to have too much intersection with you, so as not to break up in the future bad break up, this is the man is not really love you, the best basis for judging.Three: Willing to let you take care of his money when people in love period, always very taboo to talk about money, think too vulgar, will pull down the realm of love.But love is always to return to life, did not talk about the reality of love, is nothing in the air castle.A man’s money is the external manifestation of his heart. When he identifies you and wants to go forward with you in the long run, he will not be afraid to talk about his money to you and your future planning. He is willing to give his salary to you to take care of it.Instead of giving you your paycheck and letting you squander it, I’m giving you my paycheck to save for a future life and plan.Perhaps a young boy, there is no too generous salary, there is no how thick foundation.But when he gives you his salary, it is an unwavering love and acceptance, a trust, a commitment and sincerity to the future.The girl who took it must cherish it seriously. After all, the sea of humanity is boundless and The Times are in a hurry. A sincere and firm love, a love willing to accompany you for a long time, is really hard-won.Men spoil you, may be just a temporary novelty, only stand the test of time, is true love.When he takes the initiative to do the above three things, most of the time that he is not you can, then trust, to a little more security.END