Duan Guijian led a team to carry out a warm Spring Festival activity

2022-05-05 0 By

On today yongzhou (special correspondent Wang hui) on January 25th morning, on the county party committee secretary Duan Gui led the warmth of the Spring Festival of 2022 activities, visits condolences part strands personnel, centenarians, “five to five links” contact objects, professional and technical personnel, advanced workers on duty personnel and a line, serve the sympathy of the Spring Festival and blessing for them in advance.Jianghua county leaders Yang Min, Wan Ruqing, Zuo Huasheng and relevant department heads attended.In Shanzhai Village, Tuojiang Town, Duan Guijian visited Li Rongsheng and Ouyang Jizhong, the “five Contacts and five households” contacts, and listened to their feelings on the current changes in the village and their suggestions on the future development.In 2021, shanzhai Village actively carried out rural revitalization, the village’s environment and villagers’ lives have changed a lot. Not only the environment is beautiful, but also the help workshop allows people to work at the door to increase their income. Li Rongsheng, 85, was happy to tell Duan Guijian about these changes.Duan Guijian told them to believe that the future changes will be greater, life will be better, as long as the cadres are of the same mind, we think together, to make the village will be more beautiful.After visiting Wan Rongjun, Jiang Zhengshuai, Huang Chunyun, Peng Zan advanced workers and professional and technical personnel, such as Duan Gui on built for their roots, in their respective fields to waters made tremendous contribution to the development of economic and social aspects, hope they work in the future life remains as strong as ever to contribute their strength, actively play an exemplary role, do a good job, mentoringCultivate more talent teams and promote jianghua’s economic and social development to a new level through collective strategies and wisdom.In visiting the epidemic segregation and temporary checkpoint ZhiQinDian Spring Festival, a Duan Gui built on a line on duty personnel s home thank you for everyone’s work spirit, and through them to other same fighting in various positions of condolence to the front-line staff, at the same time told they have to make their own health and safety protection, responsible departments to do a good job in logisticsProvide them with a good working environment, better for the county people to do a good job in the Spring Festival service.When visiting centenarians and related strands personnel, exhort Duan Gui built along with related department head, fully combined with “five to five links” theme activities, establish the related group file, up-to-date on their production and living, employment, relief, and as a whole by man ShiCe, for staff have labor ability of the difficulty can post,We will help them solve relevant problems in a timely manner so that they can truly feel the care and warmth of the Party and the government and enjoy a happy and happy life.