After drinking, a man in Fuyang, Anhui province, was blamed by his wife for fighting drunk boxing to prove his sobriety

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Man played a drunken master Spring Festival at home drunk, his wife complains but see all stay in anhui fuyang, man working on a home for the Spring Festival, on their own is not every day in the drink is on the way to this time, the man drank too much again, his wife the last straw, in front of their friends and family is a complaint, the man shoots down, many people also can’t stop him.Unable to bear the complaint, the man tried to prove he was not drunk by throwing a set of drunken boxing on the spot in the courtyard of his home, saying: “I’m not drunk, I’m not drunk, I’m still sober.”Let alone the eldest brother’s drunken boxing is really decent, “front somersault”, “carp beat ting”, “Kite turn”, “oolong wring column”, clean and smooth movements, a look is kung fu in the body.The man’s wife looked at her husband and made a fool of herself. She tried to laugh and hold her husband, but she found she couldn’t hold him at all. Finally, several big men held her husband and sent him into the room.The man is true grievance, the woman is true do not understand have to say, although this eldest brother drank much, but that move is really have a pattern have a kind, estimate is true kung fu, but kung fu again high, also afraid tigress.His wife complained all dare not scold back, can only weakly show a set of drunken boxing said he did not drink much.The man estimated at ordinary times at home by his wife oppression, this time must use a set of drunk boxing said he was also very severe, but good men do not fight with women, as male compatriots, the author actually very understand eldest brother mood, in order to life, for a young and old, outside struggle, how much pressure only his heart clear.Finally, I spent the Spring Festival at home relaxing my mood, drinking with friends and relatives to adjust my state, but I didn’t expect to be complained by my wife in front of everyone. I really felt extremely uncomfortable. It’s not easy for a man.The net friends talk about this one, the net friends laugh and cry, we have said that the ancient Wu Song drunk crazy tiger, now there is anhui Fuyang brother drunk drunk boxing town tigress.Some netizens said that the movie and TV are all played, this is not, lucky to live to see real drunk boxing, from the elder brother’s smooth and flowing movements, is a trained family, can beat us a group of keyboard man to the ground to find teeth.Some netizens said that the man is really wronged, after waking up the whole body ache not to say, at home must kneel washboard again, after all, that set of drunken boxing, covered with dust, clothes and dirty, the evening public grain and can not be handed in, tigress again to be strong.I think the net friend said quite reasonable, when the man hit drunk boxing like a wild horse without REINS, but then the fierce horse is not the opponent of the tigress, eldest brother wake up should regret, I estimate eldest brother kneel scrub practice qigong level is also good.Finally, here to remind men that although wine is good, but still do not drink, full moon is deficient, full water is overflowing, drinking too much is really hurt the body, after all, our body is not made of iron.In addition, I also hope that women can understand men’s hard work, do not blame their husbands with resentment, do not give their husbands face in front of relatives and friends.Husband and wife are the same birds, only love each other, the family will be happy.This is pumpkin social column, if you like to click on the following.This article belongs to pumpkin social column all rights reserved, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, infringement will be investigated!If you think this article is helpful to you, please click on the author. 5 yuan is enough to move xiaobian, 10 yuan is enough to buy xiaobian a cup of coffee.Note: this article picture source network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete.