What’s better to hang on the wall behind the sofa

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What hangs on the wall of sofa backside wants to see individual interest, setting painting, calligraphy, landscape painting, photograph is ok.Sofa, also known as Couch in North America, is a type of software furniture. It is a cushioned multi-seat chair with armrests on both sides.1. Sofa leather is divided into cattle leather and buffalo leather, according to the number of layers into the first layer of skin, two layers of skin and three layers of skin;Divide by producing area homebred leather and import leather.Imported leather to Italy and Germany imported cattle leather quality is the best, in line with strict environmental protection requirements, high color fastness, flexibility and good air permeability.Imported leather has high mechanical strength, especially tearing strength and tensile strength.High-quality leather sofa selection must be the first layer of cattle leather.2 sofa filling mainly refers to sponge, sponge according to the elasticity of high bullet, high bullet super soft and three.The hit sponge is generally used as the backrest and armrest part, and the high elastic and high elastic super soft sponge is used as the seat part.High-grade sofa cushion should use density in 30 kg/cubic meter above high play foam sponge.Sofa back cushion should use density 25 kg/cubic meter of high elastic foam sponge.Improve the comfort of sitting and lying, some foam also ensure that the premise of not reducing the density, do soft processing, some vertical spring is set in the cushion, so that the sofa has higher resilience and anti-aging performance.As a consumer you can sit down and feel the comfort firsthand.Generally, after human body sits down, sofa cushion is best with depression 10 centimeters or so.3. Expand information: decoration on the wall behind the sofa: decoration companies usually use hand-painted or not complex modeling to simply decorate the sofa background wall.As long as the sofa background wall slightly attention to the user, generally will choose to use hand-painted to decorate it.The appearance of digital furniture promotes the qualitative change of sofa background wall.The sofa background wall with digital furniture as the main body is integrated with art decoration and digital functions.Not only in modelling become elegant, clever, more important is to add digital function.Sofa background wall is one of the key decoration of the living room background wall, which occupies a very important position in the background wall design.