The lakers’ losing streak, which freed Westbrook, proved a key point that James had no choice but to give up strategically

2022-05-04 0 By

Fucked up again (Beijing time) on February 10, and the lakers’ 105-107 by the blazers reverse losing streak, the two teams are back to back game, the lakers lost to the bucks can accept, after all rotation difference is obvious, but the blazers after the reconstruction, just to the east at the bottom of the magic, but now reverse the lakers at home, it is short of war under the condition of less,Clearly the coaching staff’s decision is wrong, without Westbrook can not solve the team’s problems, Eyebrows also proved a key point, James is helpless, the lakers may choose to strategic quit.In the first quarter, James carried the team’s offense and scored 8 points in the first quarter to tie the score. In the second quarter, Ellington, Tucker and other three pieces, the Lakers led the Blazers 54-47 at the end of the first half.Into the second half, after a downturn of the trail blazers finally found outside shooting, simmons instantly take into three points, plus Winslow, nur, such as the stability of people play, the game gradually presented a one-sided situation, James led details once surpassed the score, but nur base and IRA than empty cut the lakers are helpless, Smith sent out several key steals,It almost ended the lakers’ hopes, but simmons added another 3 to put the game out of reach.Lakers legend Magic took to Twitter in the first place after the game to vent his frustration, writing: “Lakers lost to Portland tonight. I am speechless. There are no words to describe my feelings.”It is not difficult to understand the mood of the magic and lakers fans, face reconstruction stage of the Portland trail blazers also dozen however, after will also be less on wei, now less short of war because of injury, still can’t win, was once considered the lakers’ third giant misfired monk, seven points and 4 rebounds, 2 assists, also sends out the six turnovers, especially details after points fast-break dunk errors,When Monk misses 3s, it’s hard to be a threat on the offensive end.Lose the reason it is not difficult to find, all 21 turnovers, 11 turnovers for much more than the blazers, say under the influence of back-to-back fitness, Portland is back-to-back games, and inside the core heavy eyebrows and not fully play, scored 17 points and seven rebounds and 6 assists, 5 blocks in details is zero, since not to attack, is engaged, defense,The Blazers missed their final drive, the Lakers didn’t have a player to grab a defensive rebound and saw Nurkic take possession of the ball, forcing the lakers to foul and miss a chance to turn it around.A loss like that would be a blow to his confidence, and James would be disappointed that even his best efforts could not lead this team to a championship, which is not guaranteed in the playoffs.It was previously reported that the lakers’ front office would not make a move before the trade deadline, focusing on the offseason plus the ’27 and’ 29 first-round pick to trade Westbrook for a top star, which would have to be a strategic waiver for this season, at least to ensure the health of James and Brow.