Manchester City player Foden explained why he refused aguero’s no 10 shirt;Aguero may join the coaching staff

2022-05-04 0 By

Manchester City’s Frank Foden says the destined Manchester City legend wanted to hand over his Number 10 shirt to sergio Aguero before he left the club.Aguero left the Etihad Stadium last summer, where he had worked for ten years.During that time, he helped City win five Premier League titles and became city’s all-time leading scorer.Aguero joined Barcelona as a free agent but left camp Nou in December after being diagnosed with a heart condition.Manchester City youngster Frank Foden has revealed aguero offered him his shirt number 10 before leaving the club.But Foden refused.The player still wears his jersey number 47.I did think about it, Foden said.The number 10 shirt is a very important number at the club, but I only like 47.I want to keep this number and create my own legacy.Manchester City’s Number 10 shirt has a new owner with the arrival of Gralish.Aguero said in May last year that he wanted city’s Number 10 shirt to belong to Foden.Although some would have liked it to have been De Braunay wearing the Manchester City Number 10.But the Argentine star believes de Braunne would rather make history wearing his own number 17 shirt.So Aguero wants Foden to wear the no.10 shirt.Aguero, now out of Manchester City, is expected to play in Qatar despite suffering a heart condition.In the meantime, Aguero is pushing for a place on Argentina’s coaching team.I want to play in Qatar, Aguero said in an interview.We’ll talk more about that on Monday.I want to join the coaching team.