Wan Qian coat is very fashionable, take the northeast flavor is very, wei pants with cotton shoes look like uncle winter

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Although the temperature has not risen since the beginning of spring, many women still wear warm clothes, especially for women living in the north, warm and cold is the primary purpose of wearing, cotton shoes are essential to step on snow artifact.Many women’s winter clothes look very fashionable and foreign, but in fact, the choice is thick and bloated, no problem with the northeast flavor.Already 40 years old Wan Qian daily wear fashionable western style, but winter travel collocation is to keep warm, woolen coat fashion western style, trousers collocation cotton shoes like the northeast uncle winter, although not fashion but warm to keep out the cold absolutely in place, northeast big ballon flavor full.Modelling analysis wonhee also use item fold wear increased wear fashion sense, fleece and woolen cloth coat collocation is not only fashionable western style also pick up the atmosphere, at the same time a hooded fleece and lapel coat collocation more stretch on the vision, does not appear crowded, this approach to fold wear has become a popular trend of female outfit, easily show superposition of two pieces of fashionable feeling,Although the coat is fashionable and western, the inside looks like a Man from the Northeast. The chunky sweatpants and snow boots are not fashionable, but they are absolutely warm and keep out the cold, which makes the whole outfit handsome but also a little different.Loose coat collocation is thick inside build itself not to be able to appear bloated and strong on the vision, although inside build suits winter more, but integral collocation did not lose foreign atmosphere to look.Grid element Wan Qian chooses this woolen coat to join grid element, let itself low-key and mature gray increased the sedate and fashionable hotspot, compared with pure color department to join grid element will more highlight stylish personality.The woolen coat itself is quite mature and fashionable, so many middle-aged women take it as one of the must-have items in autumn and winter to show their mature femininity.Warm and handsome folding hoodie and lapel coat, to create a fashionable visual effect of 1+1 is greater than 2, at the same time, both folding stretch atmosphere, not crowded, dark gray and light gray collocation makes the whole more handsome, showing a slightly neutral cool.Ten thousand qian go out to wear build like comfortable along with the modelling of sex, need not emphasize delicate feeling so more accord with handsome aspect instead, handsome fold wear ability lets whole wear build not to show bloated.Cotton-padded shoes with thick trousers and bulky cotton-padded shoes collocation visually give people a sense of both the northeast winter, this kind of collocation is common in the elderly men’s wear, warm and practical but lack of fashion sense, completely abandon delicate sense to create winter modeling, although it looks funny but enough to keep warm.The unusual combination of cotton shoes brought the overall style back to northeast China. For northern women, warmth is more important than fashion in winter.Handsome single product collocation wan Qian’s overall collocation gives a person a kind of handsome neutral wind, the most important source is the ornament of the single product, whether it is flat cap or cross-body bag is full of neutral wind to watch, especially the large capacity cross-body bag has a kind of travel travel both visual sense.Handsome sheet tastes collocation to cut what whole dress is overstuffed, just let integral modelling cut big northeast flavour, handsome and modern feeling is doubled.Although want winter to wear build also want enough fashionable handsome, cannot lack fashionable hotspot, follow fashionable female to learn to wear build, northern female also can fashionable foreign atmosphere is super warm again, cumbersome sheet is article also can reveal handsome hotspot.Well, the above is every day organized fashion wear, pictures are from the network, if there is infringement, please contact to delete!