Tom cruise negotiates with high level crisis, mission: Impossible vii, VIII costs are too high, expenses soar to $2.5 billion

2022-05-03 0 By

Due to the epidemic, the filming of Mission: Impossible 7 took a turn for the worse. After the arduous filming, the release of Mission: Impossible 7, originally scheduled for September 2022, was postponed to July 2023.The mission: Impossible films are not the only ones facing a delayed schedule.Tom Cruise is currently in crisis talks with top investors over production costs.More than £290m has been spent on mission: Impossible 7 and mission: Impossible 8, which is currently in production, according to the report.With the delayed release, it will be at least another year and a half before the film returns.And the delay is said to have cost an extra £50 million.After several delays, a public hiatus and numerous attempts to work in multiple countries during the global pandemic, plus the cost of hotel accommodation for team members during quarantine, the seventh installment in the mission: Impossible series is on track to be the most expensive in its 26-year history.Cruise, as Agent Hunt, often performs breathtaking stunts in the film, but pulling off those stunts was especially costly for Paramount and Skydance’s media bosses.According to sources, “everybody now began to worry about the cost, no one can predict what happens, but the fact is that the delay produced by the additional costs are accumulated, and gradually over budget, even if has a star Tom in playing CARDS, these investment company bosses are still desperately want to see the movie as soon as possible.”Cruise, 59, and the filmmakers show no signs of slowing down, with Cruise jetting off to South Africa this week with an entourage to continue filming mission: Impossible 8.However, due to the delay, the release date of the eighth installment has also been pushed back from July 2023 to July 2024.Fortunately, the production of the eighth installment, which started shooting last year, has gone smoothly without any difficulties so far.I hope the Mission: Impossible team can overcome the hardships and bring wonderful works to fans as soon as possible.