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Beijing E-Town International Human Resources Co., Ltd. was established in May 2005 with registered capital of 10 million yuan.As the largest and highest professional human resources service company in the development zone, it has been established for 19 years, focusing on deep cultivation and fine yun in the industry, and establishing a good company image among customers and partners.The company always adheres to the original intention of “becoming the most trusted partner of customers and employees”, takes customers as the center, combines the development and service needs of customers, is committed to developing the best service products for customers, customize the best service plan, and provide professional and efficient service.2. Location: Ronghua Middle Road, Yizhuang Economic Development ZonePre-tax monthly comprehensive rmb7000-8000, five insurance-housing fund five. Recruitment position: 1: Comprehensive supporting post for complaint and report, 3 people.2. Engaged in complaint mediation and report investigation;3. Deal with complaints or tip-offs and return visits;4. Engaged in government management;5. Other temporary work;6. 12345 call center working experience is preferred;7. Experience in handling government complaints or company customer service is preferred.1, under 40 years old, college degree or above, computer proficiency, standard Mandarin.Especially excellent and strong job matching can be appropriately relaxed conditions;2. Firm political position, good moral conduct, support and abide by the Constitution, laws and regulations of the People’s Republic of China;3. Good at communication and listening, good at understanding, hard-working, proactive, patient and meticulous, with strong ability to work under pressure, obedient to organizational arrangements, can accept regular overtime work;Experience in 12345 call center is preferred, experience in government response to complaints or company customer service is preferred.1. Responsible for writing department materials, including work dynamics, activity information, conference speech materials, PPT, data statistical analysis, etc.;2. Responsible for writing and controlling official documents;3. Responsible for the management of sending and receiving documents and archives;4. Responsible for party affairs and discipline inspection.1. Under 35 years old, bachelor degree or above, familiar with office software;2. At least 2 years office working experience, major in law, Chinese, journalism is preferred;3, have strong logical thinking ability, profound writing skills;4. Strong ability to work under pressure and can work overtime regularly.1. Each person is limited to one post;2. No criminal record, no dismissal from public office or termination of labor contract or employment contract due to violation of discipline.1. Interested job-seekers please click “Read the original article” in the lower left corner or log in “daxing Employment network ( – Recruitment information” to find the corresponding job information, complete the resume and register online.Please confirm your intention to participate in the enterprise recruitment and meet the job requirements, and then resume delivery, to reduce the pressure of the enterprise interview.2. After the deadline of application, the applicant will have a preliminary examination of the application resume. The applicant who has passed the examination and entered the interview will be notified by SMS or phone within 20 working days.Vii. Warm tips: 1. Employers should try to adopt network interview to avoid the occurrence of personnel gathering.If on-site interview is necessary, the interview site and personnel should be reasonably arranged according to the prevention and control requirements, and health monitoring and track query should be carried out for the interviewers.2. There is no charge during the recruitment process. If the applicant finds the behavior of withholding id card or collecting security deposit during the recruitment or employment process, he/she can report to the labor supervision department.3. The materials submitted by the applicants should be true and accurate.Those who provide false materials, once verified, will be disqualified for employment and entry.Source/Daxing employment platform editor/Jiming