Lv Liang: Lanterns for the Lantern Festival

2022-05-03 0 By

“Fire tree silver flower, star bridge iron lock open”.The Lantern Festival is a traditional folk activity in China, also known as noisy lanterns.The custom of making lanterns began in the Western Han Dynasty and flourished in the Sui and Tang Dynasties. After the Sui and Tang dynasties, the wind of lights prevailed and was passed down to later generations.The fifteenth day of the first month is the climax of the annual Lantern Festival.In ancient times, Lantern Festival lanterns meant to drive away darkness and pray for light.After thousands of years of inheritance, the Lantern Festival has been endowed with more meanings, symbolizing safe reunion and people’s yearning for a better life.Nowadays, with the development of national economy and the improvement of people’s living standards, Lantern Festival is not only limited to the Lantern Festival, more people can use the holiday and weekend time, enjoy the beautiful scenery under the night, feel the prosperity of the motherland.(Xue Zhixiong) Luliang Evening News