Liu Bang refused to recognize Fengxian as his hometown

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Fengxian county, located in the northwest of Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, is connected with Tongshan District and Peixian County in the east, Jinxiang County and Yutai County in Shandong province in the north, Dangshan County and Xiao County in Anhui Province in the south, and Shan County in Shandong province in the west.Fengxian county is the famous emperor’s hometown, Han Gaozu Liu Bang was born here.There is also a local Jinliu Village, which is the site of the han Emperor’s mausoleum and also a place for Liu to search for his roots and study the culture of the Han Dynasty.Although Liu Bang was born in Fengxian county, he did not recognize it as his hometown.All along, he only called himself “Pei Gong”.At the beginning, peixian was only exempted from taxes when he returned to his hometown, but fengxian was resentful.It’s a long story.Liu Bang was born in Fengxian county, but started in Peixian County.There’s nothing wrong with that. There should be no resentment.At the end of the Qin Dynasty, the world was in chaos.Chen Sheng and Wu Guang rose up, and all regions responded in succession.The peixian people also had the idea of uprising, but they had no good leaders.Wang Ling and Yong – Chi were the most likely leaders of peixian uprising.Liu Bang forces less than, but a wide range of contacts, in Fan Kuai, Xiao He, Cao Can and others under the help of the occupation of the position of the public, even yong teeth have followed.Wang Ling chose to go it alone.At first, Liu Bang controlled Peixian and Fengxian.Yong tooth own strength is strong, Liu Bang let him guard feng County.But yong teeth led feng County people betrayed Liu Bang, zhou City to the establishment of the Wei.Liu Bang led the rebellion, fengxian people but according to the city, he lost two games in a row.Although the leader of the rebellion is yong Tooth, but fengxian resistance, this is liu Bang two consecutive defeats.This is the fengxian people themselves do not admit that they are fengxian.After liu Bang became emperor, he brought his old father from Fengxian to the capital city.However, he was not used to chang ‘an and missed his hometown very much.Just outside Chang ‘an, Liu Bang built a new fengxian county in the shape of his old home, and moved all the neighbors who had been on good terms with the Old Tai Gong.Xinfeng county was built exactly like his hometown, and his livestock had been brought with him intact.Chickens and dogs are put on the street and can go home on their own.Then came the idiom “Rooster and dog xinfeng”.Fengxian is the only hometown that would rather all move away than go back.History is too far away to be discussed today.Look at what happened in Fengxian recently!In the New Year of 2022, the men’s football team lost to Vietnam, the women’s football team beat the South Korea, and the ice athletes competed in the competition. All the hot spots could not cover people’s attention to the mother of eight children in Fengxian County.Despite repeated claims that she was instantly recognizable as Xiaomei, no one thought they looked alike.Public events. Everyone has a right to the truth.On the matter, we oppose regional discrimination, against regional black, Fengxian is a place with a long history.Xuzhou first after xuan, only Fengxian county does not record years.Legend here once had a phoenix, not only han Gaozu Liu Bang’s hometown, but also the hometown of the heavenly master Zhang Daoling.We want the people here to live a happier life, and we want the people who are abducted to this land to be free from torture.No one’s happiness can be built on the pain of others.To do otherwise would be a crime.The truth is not out, hot is not cold.Thank you for your support and attention!