Anxiang Court to carry out “three activities” to learn and train anti-fraud knowledge propaganda

2022-05-02 0 By

In order to play a good anti-fraud “strengthen needle”, to further improve the police “immunity”, February 8 morning, anxiang County people’s Court to carry out “three activities” learning and training of anti-fraud knowledge propaganda, the hospital police to participate in.The lecture by the court criminal court president Of the mother Maosheng lecture, mainly around the common means of telecom network fraud, how to identify and prevent telecom fraud, telecom fraud how to do and other aspects of the lecture.It specifically introduces 60 common types of fraud, such as pretending to be a leader, “guess who I am”, low-price shopping, winning prizes in entertainment programs, seeking for children with heavy money, fictional car accidents, using fake WiFi in public places, etc., and explains the usual tricks and means of criminals to cheat.Through in-depth analysis of several typical cases, telecom network fraud warn broad policemen to be vigilant in our daily life, don’t believe heaven fell pie “good thing”, do not listen, do not believe, do not transfer, remittance, don’t give the criminal an opportunity, not directly involved in the fraud crime, otherwise will be severely punished by law.Through this lecture, all police officers more clearly understand the specific characteristics of telecom fraud, common forms and characteristics, enhance the police security awareness and self-protection ability.We all said that the whole speech vivid, realistic, greatly attracted everyone’s attention, fully mobilize everyone’s enthusiasm, really do the anti-fraud propaganda content into the brain, into the heart.Copyright belongs to the original author, pay tribute to the original