23 days, Yongxing county youth volunteers in action

2022-05-02 0 By

Massachusetts moment on February 11, – (correspondent Yun-kai he GuYiLin) in recent days, yongxing county and usher in a new round of peak, into the city, Beijing, Hong Kong and Macao high-speed yongxing toll gates youth volunteer Wang Jiezheng patience guide field to vehicle registration information of drivers and passengers, to examine stroke code and health code, trying to identify key areas to personnel, and actively guide the traffic.Volunteers guide cars at a highway junction.In order to alleviate the epidemic prevention and control and vehicle traffic pressure in Yongxing County during the Spring Festival, the Communist Youth League Yongxing County Committee issued a recruitment order for college students to “return home” during the winter vacation through the online platform in January, and organized volunteers to carry out the volunteer service of “Journey full of Love · Warm Winter Action”.Because of winter vacation at home in Xiangnan Preschool Teachers College sophomore Wang Jie, after seeing the recruitment order, took the initiative to sign up, with other 66 returning college students and 41 volunteers association volunteers a total of 108 people to form “love full journey · Warm winter action” Yongxing County Spring Festival volunteer service team.Volunteers carry out epidemic prevention and control work at highway intersections and screen people passing by.After unified training, volunteer service teams put on uniforms and went to passenger stations and expressway toll stations throughout the county to conduct volunteer services such as passenger guidance and epidemic prevention and control data statistics.Wangjie 13 “return home”, such as university volunteered, went to Hong Kong and Macao’s biggest Beijing high-speed traffic yongxing toll station to carry out the volunteer service work, help relieve Beijing Hong Kong and Macao high-speed yongxing toll epidemic prevention and control and traffic pressure, and even the rain and the cold temperatures, the volunteers still hold in the service site, wangjie in the circle of friends wrote:”Even if my hands are numb with cold, I feel so happy inside!Because I also became a ‘small traffic police’, can serve the people, dedication home!To contribute to a peaceful Spring Festival for people in my hometown.”Volunteers are guiding passengers to register the information.As of February 9, “full journey, warmer winters action” yongxing county Spring Festival volunteer service has for 23 days in a row, highway toll station volunteer service station accumulated registration report into the key areas, 2016 vehicles, the passenger staff 5540 people, 108 youth volunteers to sacrifice himself and his family relatives and friends together of the time, in different ways through the unforgettable Spring Festival,He interprets the responsibility and responsibility of youth in the new era with his actions.