Zhongtai Securities Acme trading platform XTP won the second prize in fintech development

2022-05-01 0 By

Correspondent Huang Cheng recently, the People’s Bank of China announced the “2020 Annual Fintech Development Award” winning projects, zhongtai Securities submitted the “fully independent research and development of securities trading platform XTP” won the second prize.Fintech Development Award is the most extensive and valuable ministerial award for innovation cases in China’s financial industry.The scope of this year’s selection was expanded from the previous single banking institutions to include banking, insurance, funds, securities, payment and other financial institutions. The projects covered many fields such as structural transformation, basic research, and new technology application. The competition was extremely fierce.Zhongtai Securities actively distributes services to professional customers and institutional customers in the field of quantitative trading. In 2015, it initiated the project “eXtreme Transaction Platform (XTP)”, which was officially released and launched in October 2016.As company fully independent research and development of the securities trading service platform, low latency XTP can provide the professional trading client, extreme market service, fast service, extreme risk control system, algorithm, customer operating system, visual monitoring alarm system, automatic operations work platform such as the key system in the integration of one-stop professional trading service.XTP develops low-latency infrastructure, low-latency message queue, low-latency tool library and other infrastructures, and implements a new low-latency and high-availability infrastructure platform, which can realize rapid deployment of upper-layer applications, provide comprehensive service support for quantitative customers, and quickly and iteratively meet customer requirements.At the same time, a fast quotation, XTP speed trading transaction service ecosystem construction as the core, early technology can meet the customers one-stop access to the test, when access to the automated deployment, trading services, trade in the process of monitoring, data analysis, the speed of risk control, algorithm services, trading evaluation, capital docking requirements.Over the years, XTP has provided all-round services of technology, operation and capital from the early days of the establishment of quantitative funds. With the rapid development of quantitative funds, XTP has gradually become a touchstone of excellent quantitative funds.With its excellent performance and stable trading experience, XTP has now covered 90% of customers in the domestic quantitative market, driving the booming development of the quantitative trading industry.