Research and application value of MACD starting point of Tongda Xin stock trading index formula in investment capital market

2022-05-01 0 By

You know, when we open the MACD, when the MACD gold fork, we buy the stock, we find that the actual price has moved for several days, which means we buy late and sell late.MACD and K line trend chart: The first point, is it 5 days before MACD sends out the gold fork signal?Let’s look at the next chart :MACD and K line trend we wait for gold fork buy, what happens?It’s been 7 days, and we all know that every day the stock goes up, the risk increases, so now that it’s been 7 days, how much do we have left?If we use the dot bet, then every time the green bar goes from short to longest and then gets shorter and the second one gets significantly shorter, we have to buy the stock ahead of time instead of waiting for the MACD gold fork.We add the MACD starting point indicator: the MACD starting point indicator formula through the starting point, we can buy the stock 7 days in advance.Thus, the formula error rate can be effectively reduced.Where can I find this formula?Starting point index formula address is good because of the time, we see you next time!