Please check: Personal information security protection guide

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Nowadays, both life and work are associated with a series of digital products such as the Internet. While enjoying the convenience brought by the progress of digital technology, people are also suffering from a series of information security problems such as information leakage and theft, especially the collection of financial business and personal information.For example, the collection of name, ID number, mobile phone, address and other information, so the cultivation of awareness of personal information security measures is very critical.In order to better protect personal information, measures are listed as follows: 1. Personal information Keep important personal information such as consumers’ id cards, bank card numbers, payment passwords, payment two-dimensional codes, verification codes, etc., carefully and do not provide them easily.Where identity documents must be provided, they can be clearly indicated on the photocopy, such as the purpose of use, period of validity, etc., to prevent criminals from using personal information falsely.In addition, when consumers deal with all kinds of financial services, the staff of banking and insurance institutions will not take the initiative to ask consumers for account passwords, payment passwords, if consumers need to provide passwords, including all kinds of online links, please raise vigilance.Personal information of consumers is usually required when applying for credit card, loan, claim settlement, insurance surrender and other services to banking and insurance institutions, or even when lodging complaints. Consumers should avoid providing personal information to unidentified personnel to handle the business on their behalf.In recent years, some criminals collect consumers’ personal information in the name of “claim” and “complaint”. In this process, consumers need to pay high so-called deposit or service fee, but also may have the risk of personal information being resold or maliciously used.Accordingly, suggest consumer deals with relevant business personally, really inconvenient, can contact corresponding orgnaization undertakes seeking advice to deal with.Consumers should not purchase or handle financial services through unidentified personnel, unknown links or apps with two-dimensional code downloads, but should handle business through official customer service numbers of banking and insurance institutions or business sites. For APPS, it is recommended to download them through mobile phone APP stores as far as possible.In addition, mobile phone permissions of the APP should not be easily authorized, otherwise information may be leaked. It is recommended that consumers be cautious about authorization, including location information, microphone, address book, information, call history, and other applications installed in the APP.Four, vigilance mobile phone fraud SMS and telephone now using SMS to defraud mobile phone users of information fraud events are common.This reminds users to pay special attention to the possibility that criminals may commit property fraud through mobile phones.When facing the information such as abnormal mobile phone account, abnormal bank account and upgrade of banking system in the mobile phone message, it may be a fraud message sent by the fraudster using the fake base station.Encounter this kind of text message ignore it, or contact the official staff, ask the specific situation, verify authenticity.Five, the installation or update virus protection software on a regular basis whether computer or smartphone, has become a high incidence area of information, users often face accidentally click on a link or download a file to be criminals break personal account information, install antivirus software protection and virus killing the virus become a necessary means of equipment when used.Six, properly deal with the documents involving personal information relating to the personal information document is common is the delivery sheet, it typically has mobile phone number, address and other personal information, and some small notes on consumption also contains some information such as name, bank card number, consumption records, these documents are not properly handle can also cause the problem such as personal information leakage,Therefore, the documents that have been abandoned need to be properly disposed of in a timely manner.From the above discussion, it can be seen that the protection of information security involves all aspects of life, and the life of consumers is closely related to the occurrence of information leakage if a little attention is not paid to it.In the rapid development of digital environment, how to protect personal information security should become an important and key issue that everyone should pay attention to and take measures for.