Yuanxiao meet winter Olympics, ice dun dun snow rong rong riddles you can guess a few?

2022-04-30 0 By

Winter Olympic Lantern Riddle competition, now begin!Lantern Festival night, streets decorated with lanterns.During the Winter Olympics, passions burn on and off the field.Ice dun dun dun and snow rong Rong bring a batch of lantern riddles, start your smart brain, see you can guess a few?-1- curling -2- freestyle skiing -3- figure skating -4- ice dun dun -5- Winter Olympics -6- Wang Meng -7- Gu Ailing -8- Fan Kexin Lantern Festival came again, lantern fans full of yao Ming.Lanterns present 15 round, happy heart pleasing to the eye taste dumplings.Happy dumplings an entrance, health and happiness often accompany.I wish a happy Lantern Festival!Source: China news network original title: “Yuanxiao meet winter Olympics, ice dun dun snow rong Rong riddles can you guess a few?”