The male ice captain fought for his country

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Today, The Chinese men’s ice is about to meet the knockout round, we will face the arch-rival Canada again.We lost 5-0 in the group stage, so this is a game of honour.Ye Jinguang, China’s men’s ice captain, also said on social media: ‘We still have a chance.’He had a beard and stubble on his face, but his eyes had the air of a Chinese.He is Ye Jinguang, the captain of the Chinese men’s ice hockey team.”I feel very proud to play for China at the Olympics and make people proud of China.We’re trying to fight for what we love.”China’s men’s and women’s hockey teams have a number of naturalized players.Most of them have Chinese ancestry, Chinese faces.Ye Jiguang, the captain of China’s national men’s hockey team, has played five seasons as a professional player in the NHL. He finished 174 games and scored 56 points, becoming the Chinese male player with the best record in world professional hockey history.More than 100 years ago, Ye’s great-grandfather was trafficked from Guangdong province to North America to help build the Pacific Railway.The Ye family never forgot their homeland, and Ye’s parents even went to Guangdong to find their roots.Therefore, I chose to return to China to represent China, because of the family heritage.”150 years ago, my grandparents lived in North America,” Ye said on social media before the Beijing Winter Olympics.But China has always been in the Ye family tradition.When I was 18 years old, my friend joked that you would play in China, but it became a reality.I read a lot about Marbury, and I hope I can help Chinese hockey in the Olympics.Beijing Winter Olympic Games, Ye Jinguang led the Chinese men’s ice although three games are all negative, but the three games scene fierce, men’s blood, two precious goals, has become the Chinese men’s ice new history of the beginning.”It’s unbelievable to play here,” Ye said of the immature voices and shouts of support from the stands. “The passion of the people is very touching.I am very happy to be a part of bringing Chinese ice hockey to the Olympic stage. Nothing is impossible.In the Chinese men’s and women’s ice hockey teams, we all have different backgrounds, but they wear the same shirt and fight for China, Ye said. “I believe that after many years, I will still remember that I once fought for the five-star red flag on the ice.””As a big country in China, ice hockey is not very popular. I am very happy to help the popularity and development of ice hockey here.””If there is a Chinese athlete standing on the highest stage of ice hockey in 20 years, and people ask him why he practices ice hockey, he will answer ‘I watched the Chinese team play in 2022,’ that will be the success of our generation of Chinese men,” Ye said.