NVIDIA DLSS support for over 150 games: Framerate violence has tripled

2022-04-30 0 By

NVIDIA today released the new GeForce 511.79 graphics card driver and announced that DLSS technology is now supported for over 150 games.The new drive is part of The Game Ready optimized Game line, which was first optimized for Elden Ring, Destiny 2: The Witch Queen, and Total War III.Warhammer III and other new games.The new driver also supports Reflex in Acing and fixes six bugs, including digital vibration reset after display sleep, g-Sync display device not being able to restart through control panel after off, Battlefield 2042 color flicker, Call of Duty: Pioneer and Assassin’s Creed:Hall of The Soul “random flower screen or black and white screen.New DLSS support is Dying Light 2 Stay Human with up to a 2x performance boost and support for ray tracking global lighting, sunshadows, reflections, ambient shading, and flash sources.Martha Is Dead, which will be released on Feb. 24, also supports ray-tracking shadows and reflections.Phantasy Star Online 2: New Genesis delivers a 45% performance boost at the highest graphics and rendering resolutions, and RTX 3060 and above delivers a frame rate of over 60FPS at 4K resolution.SCP: Pandemic will be released on February 22, with performance improvements of up to 90% at DLSS 4K resolution and all RTX graphics cards capable of over 100FPS.Shadow Warrior 3 will be released on March 1.Sifu DLSS delivers a 45% performance boost, with all RTX cards capable of more than 100FPS in 4K resolution at the highest quality.DLSS delivers a 65% performance boost, with all RTX graphics cards exceeding 60FPS at 4K resolution.NVIDIA 511.79 graphics card driver local download address: desktop version, mobile version