“I dare not visit Leifeng Pagoda in Hangzhou!Fang Fang talked about her father: He once said that he would hold my hand and swim around the West Lake

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Fang Fang Photo source: The network recently announced that he received a Taiwan resident permit in the mainland, Shouting “I wish the motherland peace!I’m back!”Fang Fang was attacked by green media in the island, in the face of attack and misunderstanding, Fang Fang in the program with senior media people Tang Xianglong once again openly expressed that people who really love Taiwan should come out to speak.When talking about her father, Fang fang sighed that she did not dare to see leifeng Pagoda until now, because her father once said that if he returned to the mainland, he would take her hand to hangzhou to see Leifeng Pagoda, but now things have changed.Fang said hangzhou was her first stop when she returned to the mainland because she had an agreement with her father.”My father, who has not read many books, can tell a relatively complete story, which is the Story of the White Snake. When I was young, my father often told me the story of the White Snake.”Fang said her father once bought her a comic book with three episodes and told her to give you one first and then give her a second.He told Fang fang that if one day father and daughter can go home together, “Father will take you by the hand and take you to visit the West Lake, AND I will take you to see the Leifeng Pagoda. Now Bai Suzhen is still under the Leifeng Pagoda.” Therefore, Hangzhou is the first destination for Fang Fang to return to the mainland.And she was very sad, in those days when I was walking in the west lake, is to the coasts, happen to have a man, holding his daughter’s hand in front of her walk, she felt a little jealous, in that moment but she felt that this should be originally her father took her to go over there, but now her father would never see.Therefore, Fang Fang could not take a step in front of leifeng Pagoda. Until now, she has never been able to see leifeng Pagoda as long as she has been to the West Lake. At most, she can only look at it from a distance.Father once suffered from the pain of separation, fang fang hope tragedy will not repeat itself, in the face of the green media attacks, fang fang also face in the video attachment response, she said the green sabotage of cross-strait relations, and in the new vaccine “proposes” and a series of problems, obstruct the compatriots on both sides love each other, she hope that Taiwan’s young people don’t mesmerized by tsai ing-wen victims into politics.Fang fang stressed that Taiwan is the place where she grew up, she loves that land and she knows very well what kind of road Taiwan will take in the future, so that future generations can really hope to live a better life!Therefore, she told everyone about the strength of the motherland, the harmony of ethnic groups and the warmth of human feelings she had witnessed during her 30 years in the mainland.Only when the two sides are reunified peacefully can Taiwan people live a good life and “Taiwan’s future children and grandchildren will be happy”.