Heihe city issued no. 5 announcement!Shopping malls, supermarkets and warehouses have been suspended

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On July 7, reporters from Leading News & Life learned that the Leading Group on Novel Coronavirus infection in Heihe City issued announcement No. 5.In order to contain the spread of the epidemic quickly and effectively and to ensure the safety and health of the people to the greatest extent, the regional nucleic acid testing for three consecutive days has been started in Aihui District after the study and decision of the Heihe Leading Group for novel Coronavirus Infection.During the nucleic acid test, production and business activities and the movement of people were suspended to “calm down” the city.Matters regarding the announcement as follows: first, the implementation of strict community (village) controls, the area under its jurisdiction closed-end management in residential area, keep only one import and export, restricted access, and arrange the specialist manned 24 hours a day, to participate in the epidemic prevention and control work and ensure the people’s livelihood credentials required for personnel and vehicle access, other personnel, vehicles are not allowed access.Citizens are invited to participate in the regional nucleic acid testing voluntarily and timely when it is not necessary to go out of their homes. Those who do not participate in the nucleic acid testing without justified reasons, those who do not cooperate, do not support, disrupt order, conceal information or make false reports will be investigated for their legal responsibilities according to law and regulations.3. Strict traffic control will be implemented, and the operation of highway passenger vehicles, buses and taxis will be suspended, except for vehicles involved in epidemic prevention and control, medical aid, emergency rescue, law enforcement and duty, and transport of necessary materials for production and daily life.4. Shopping malls, supermarkets, warehouse stores, fruit and vegetable shops, grain and oil, farmers’ markets, grocery stores, restaurants, cultural entertainment and other places shall suspend business, and online contactless distribution shall be adopted if necessary.Drugstores and private medical institutions were suspended. Nine drugstores were responsible for the sale of emergency medicine and chronic medicine, and the sale of antipyretic, cough suppressant, antiviral and antibiotic drugs was suspended.5. Gathering activities such as dinner parties and gatherings are strictly prohibited, large-scale conferences, activities, forums, training, performances, exhibitions and sales promotions are suspended, and mass activities such as bazaars, folk customs, artistic performances and square dances are suspended.6. Welfare institutions, pension service institutions and mental health institutions shall be completely closed for management, and the entry and exit of personnel shall be prohibited.Nursing institutions will suspend receiving new residents and visiting activities.The public security, judicial and administrative prisons were completely closed, and family visits with direct contact were suspended.7. Convenience service hall, petition reception places and other window units shall suspend offline business handling and advocate online business handling.Epidemic prevention and control is everyone’s responsibility.Please continue to tighten the strings of epidemic prevention and control, strengthen self-protection, strictly abide by all epidemic prevention regulations, do not fabricate rumors, do not believe in rumors, do not spread rumors, work together, hand in hand, together to protect our beautiful home.Copyright: Reproduced in any form without permission is prohibited