Futures rebar 2205 contract next week technical analysis and operating ideas

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Thread 2205: Pressure around 5040, support around 4660 and 4500, focus around 4660 or 4500 below, if supported near 4660 or 4500, short order profit closing in time, backhand long, stop default, targets around 4850 and 5040 and 5330.Tips: Investment risks, independent judgment is very important.The sharing and interpretation of technical analysis is only personal technical analysis experience and concept, to be exact, it should be personal first time to the market and some thoughts of the disk.What is stated in the essay only represents my personal ideas and does not constitute investment advice or basis for buying or selling.Technical analysis: it is to predict the future trend of market prices based on current fundamentals and technology.Entry, exit, stop-loss, stop-profit, money management, trading systems, execution and other comprehensive trading skills are the most important in trading.People of insight are welcome to share communication, the above analysis is for reference only.Futures trading special statement and reminder: a futures investors need to recognize that for ordinary investors, most of the time should be wait-and-see, patiently waiting for the best opportunity to sell, avoid frequent trading.The real core of futures trading is two words: wait, endure.Waiting for the advent of big opportunities and big market, open positions to participate.Do not attempt to catch all the fluctuations, do not expect to judge every segment of the market is correct, must be strict implementation of each transaction trading discipline, strict with stop loss and stop profit, the suggestion is for reference only.Second, to judge futures prices in advance is only a part of futures trading. Investors also need to respect the market, keep trading discipline in mind, and strictly control positions, reduce greed, overcome fear, and try to keep trading in a normal mind.The beginner’s mind is the beginning, is the end, do not forget the beginner’s mind, always.