Wins again!Chinese curling dream team braved all odds to win two in a row, the taste of New Year

2022-04-29 0 By

Chinese mixed doubles curling pair Ling Zhi/Fan Su Yuan won again!Ling and Fansu won 6-5 against Lleyton Hewitt of Australia after defeating last winter Olympics runners-up Yanne Perrett and Martin Rios of Switzerland 7-6 in extra sets in their opening match.In the mixed doubles tournament, 10 teams, including China, Canada, Australia, the United States, Great Britain, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Italy, Norway and Sweden, will compete in a round-robin tournament. The four teams with the best records in the round-robin tournament will play in the semifinals, followed by the championship, runner-up and bronze medal matches.Although curling schedule closely, a day to be played, but because of numerous events and round, the game time and schedule are very long, with mixed doubles as an example, every game requires eight games, the two sides each game players need each pitched eight pot, the pot for 19 kg, is not the average person can play with.Curling on the athletes’ mental and physical strength, endurance is a great test, could not or lack of strategy and tactics and technique, scoring rules is relatively simple, who can in the ball up the circle and and more close to the center of the circle to get the ball than rivals, who will be able to get more grades, such as both sides in the circle has three goals,But two of team A’s balls are closer to the center of the circle than all of team B’s balls, so team A gets two points in that inning.So this sport is more than how to limit the opponent does not score, and let oneself more score, the ball is more commonly used tactics, sticky ball, strike, double fly, are commonly used terms in the game, this is a battle of wits, more fighting mentality and skills of the game, understand, will naturally enjoy it.Curling for a Chinese audience, or because the Chinese women’s team, ms wang in 2009, the Chinese women, get world championship, let the fun strong ice and snow sports, the first to enter the Chinese audience’s field of vision, as a result of the limitation of geographical conditions, the snow and ice movement is relatively small, niche in the curling is small,But it was also because of the girls’ bright smile, so that the majority of Chinese audience heart also rose a inexplicable joy.Unfortunately, China’s ice hockey team did not achieve further breakthrough in the Olympic arena. The best ranking was the third place in the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. Chasing the dream has become the goal of China’s national hockey team for many years.;Hockey mixed doubles projects development later, pyeongchang winter games until four years ago, before the project is listed as Olympic Games, Chinese athletes LingZhi with Fan Su round combination is only 3 months, but the so-called newborn calves are not afraid of tigers, born in 1994 LingZhi Fan Su round and was born in 1996 is holding a dare to break the old order, have the courage to challenge goal to all the players.Two battles two wins, hope such a momentum can continue to continue, can match the level, beyond the self, is good, big New Year’s day, who see China team is not a festival?People never ask too much, we all want to see the Chinese athletes wearing that red, roar a fan!This is the taste of Chinese New Year!