Three suspenseful, thrilling, nerve-wracking, wimpy books that make book lovers shiver

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Hello, I am Luo Shuang.Today, we continue to count the masterpieces of mystery novels in the past 20 years.Follow the fall of frost, get more online articles inventory and twitter information.Issue 4: Suspense, in addition to horror, adventure!Green Leaf Office (Green Leaf Supernatural office) — excellent supernatural novel, the middle of the night when please do not read The masterpiece of Kutchi, September 12, 2016, 4.9 million words, has ended my name is Lynch, in the demolition of the office, the beginning of this year, in charge of the demolition of an old community.One of the residents of the neighborhood has a strange sign on the door that reads “Green Leaves Strange Office.” The room has been converted into an office, abandoned for a long time, and is full of dust.In the filing cabinet of the office, a large number of documents and data are neatly displayed.Curious, I sorted it out and discovered a strange and terrifying world hidden in this world.The events recorded in the archives gradually appeared in my life…First view warning, recording play warning!It’s a great book to read, and it’s a unique entry point, first person, very immersive.Needless to say, it’s a supernatural work.Super long length can also maintain super long stable play, even in the late also hold, every event is wonderful.I was shocked by the novel way OF writing, starting from the archives of ancient paranormal events, narrating the events by playing recordings, and sketching out the characters in words.And the cases are often inextricably linked.Although it is a supernatural story, it is not scary just for the sake of being scary, unlike other ghost stories.It’s logically self-consistent, scary and warm, and some of the plots are genuinely touching.The book amazed me right from the start: from the recorded paranormal events to the unique first-person narrative.The protagonist is just an employee of the demolition office.On the surface ye Qing is the hero, but the mysterious Lynch in the story is more like the hero than the hero……I had been watching it so hard the night before that a gust of wind outside my window slammed my door, which scared me.Don’t read this book alone at night.Hot chapter says: terror atmosphere is full, depression with the fear of the unknown!This is true during the day will frighten the feeling!Can only say that the big man is worthy of the big man!For the day line thief – wearing a tomb raiding flow of waistcoat, dry exploration of treasure, but also make up the late Qing Dynasty wild history, is a deep family secrets of the protagonist.The stone octopus masterpiece, on the shelves on April 7, 2017, 4.28 million words, has ended the wind is invisible, I want to hunt the wind!Kyushu laugh proud, for the day line thief!In the suspended valley of bronze coffin, the dead woman in red slept for thousands of years.Vast ocean and earth palace change, the shipwreck of the ice sea haunting.Dynasties, the handover, suddenly a great storm swept across China, pack up, and demon flurry, earthquakes, wind and cloud becomes angry, distress, great China, there will always be sons and daughters of heroes in a crisis, to stand up, to protect the dragon vein, nine deep and remote, seize the day coffins, war YaoXing, also my China a world qingping, lang lang also I shenzhou party!The legendary historical story of a paragraph of unknown happens in the Period of the Republic of China, the blind man is a most look down on “the dog sees the person fat” thief, although the profession is not how glorious, but itself has “the rise and fall of every man is responsible for” sense of responsibility, and luo hunt because of a mysterious jinfu roll into a storm.In that turbulent era, the Chinese nation suffered all kinds of bullying, the so-called troubled times out of the hero, luo Hunting and other people from a small gold fu began, gradually contact with a spectacular storm, deducting a period of history beyond the legend.For me, the most important feature of the masterpiece of Platinum Shishioctopus is that it has few sections, which is not as careless as a novice. It seems to be deliberately made. It looks very heavy with history in general, and occasional jokes are also added to make the finishing point.Very good-looking a work, a variety of elements set, like a ghost blowing light thriller can come to see, thriller does not break exciting suspense!Hot chapter said: my favorite author, octopus brother!Starting from the Third palace and sixth Courtyard, his exquisite writing style impressed me, which made me admire his writing style and logical thinking ability.This book is also a perfect demonstration of the strength of octopus brother, praised, this book is also a work of god.The Infinite Postman – the most clicked supernatural horror novel, would you like it?See jiao masterpiece, September 5, 2017 shelves, 3.66 million words, has ended a package from the unknown place, a weird and weird stamp, congratulations you become a new postman, please sign for the package, to experience the journey of death.Postmen die, but stamps live.The main character is calm, but also with a little neurotic, cooking a good dish, first people set very like it.The second is the author’s construction, the beginning with a bit of suspense color, and never front to give you the answer, let you all kinds of imagination.Infinite flow novel, which describes the humanity and feelings is a highlight.Protagonist is schizophrenic patients, the body is easy to produce new personality.Selected as the mysterious Postman, using stamps with strange powers.After many original copies, this book may be a bit of a niche.But at the beginning is the cook Zhao Ke to open the “key to the new world”, do the dishes let a person feel unclear what ingredients are.Look at this book will have small white flowers black, there are old drivers driving, there are calculations each other, there are still some dark in front, but behind write write a little warmth.This is a scary legend, this is a legendary post office, it is at a special point in time.Of course, the average person can’t see it.The protagonist, somehow, becomes a postman at the post office, which begins his career of ups and downs and mystery.