The only city in China with three license plates is considered a “bulk city” even though its economy is very developed.

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This is Liu Xiaosun’s Travel and Life Institute.Speaking of license plates, I believe we should be familiar.Generally speaking, A city has only one kind of license plate, which is the abbreviation of the provincial name plus an English letter, such as “Su A”, “Xiang C”, “E D” and so on.However, in our country, there is a “different” city, this city has three kinds of license plates at the same time, do you think it is strange?The city I’m talking about is Foshan in Guangdong Province, because foshan now has three different license plates: yue E, Yue Y and Yue X, which are the only ones in China.Why does the city of Foshan in Guangdong province have three different license plates?It turns out that the nanhai and Shunde districts of foshan now used to be independent county-level cities, each with its own license plate.For example, “Yue Y” is the license plate of Nanhai in the past, “Yue X” is the license plate of Shunde in the past, and “Yue E” is now the license plate of Foshan city except nanhai and Shunde.Although nanhai and Shunde are no longer independent county-level cities, they are now the Nanhai and Shunde districts of Foshan city, but their license plates remain.It is said that new license plates in Foshan will use “Yue E”, but if your license plate is not updated, you can still use the previous “Yue Y” and “Yue X” license plate.Therefore, if you come to Foshan now, you will see three license plates in Foshan at the same time, namely “Yue E”, “Yue Y” and “Yue X”, and this phenomenon is unique in China.More many people say that Foshan is originally a “bulk city”, Nanhai and Shunde district not only have their own license plates, but they also usually do not say that they are foshan, which is also very interesting.In addition, Foshan’s economy is still very developed, and its GDP now exceeds one trillion yuan, making it a “new first-tier city”. As the integration of Foshan and guangzhou, the provincial capital, goes deeper and deeper, many people are very optimistic about foshan’s future development prospects.So, have you ever been to Foshan city in Guangdong Province?What’s your impression of Foshan?Do you know foshan is the only city in China that has three license plates at the same time?Are you optimistic about foshan’s future development?If you have a chance in the future, would you like to visit Foshan?Welcome to leave a comment!More exciting content, please pay attention to me: Liu Xiaoshun with an interesting Angle to see the world, do the most attitude of the traveler.