Show tacky red how to wear, “high appearance level” red department to wear take attack!Learn to break even

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Take advantage of the “New Year red” craze by stocking yourself with red items.Perhaps in the eyes of many people, the popularity of red is always very short, when the New Year, people’s love for red will gradually decline.In fact, the advanced sense of red is not lost to the classic black and white, red show white effect, improve color effect are very obvious.It’s just that some people choose to forgo all shades of red because of its harsh color.I believe that if you had the right perception of red, you would not have made such a hasty decision.Red’s high quality is obvious, but many people don’t know how to use it properly.Classic high-grade red is composed of many colors, so it is already a big problem to choose the right color for yourself. If the color you choose is not suitable for yourself, how can you expect to present a fashion effect?There are many classic and advanced shades of red, such as Burgundy, orange and bright red.At the same time, the delicate girl’s life, can not leave the existence of red.Red is the main color in lipstick, and it is also the key to helping women choose the right color for themselves.If you don’t know what red looks good on you, take a look at your favorite lipstick color.Once you’ve chosen the right color for your lipstick, it’s a lot easier to fashion red.Who can refuse to show white also advanced red, understand the red dress rules, be a “passionate person”.The most common reason for rejecting red clothing is the excitement of red.Especially the choice of eye-catching bright red, stimulating feeling will subsequently enhance.Then we need to find ways to eliminate the stimulation of red, through the collocation of colors, to neutralize the stimulation of red.For example, black, white, or other low-saturation colors can reduce the thrill of red.For example, choose white fluff inside a red corduroy coat to add warmth and reduce the visual impact of red to create a premium eye attraction.● The choice of fabrics to enhance the high sense of red fabric will have an impact on the high sense of clothing, especially when choosing red clothing, the high quality fabric can enhance the high sense of red.Red clothing with a high sense of clothing is rarely based on pure cotton fabric, so when choosing red clothing, pay more attention to the texture of fabric.Different fabrics can add different benefits to a red outfit. For example, a red corduroy heavy coat can be slimming and enhance the overall casual look.Of course, you can also try other personalized high quality fabrics, such as knitting, velvet, silk, leather, etc.● The use of basic single product to improve the effect of red eye absorption red itself has a strong eye absorption effect, so in the collocation, the need to clear the idea of red as the center.There is no need to add additional highlights or eye-catching design, which can easily create a sense of clutter, but it is difficult to highlight the advanced unique feel.A red corduroy coat, for example, is simply paired with a black striped bottom, basic gray sweatpants and white sneakers for a comfortable, minimalist look.Show tacky red how to wear, “high appearance level” red department to wear take attack!Learn not to lose.Fashion sense red wear take demonstration ● red suede dress Red dress appears with the form of short version condole belt money, give priority to with velvet fabric at the same time, enhanced the fashionable advanced sense of the whole.At the same time large area skin design can also use red to show the white effect, to create a “person if peach blossom” effect, but also show their curvaceous beauty.Gules dress besides having very strong absorb eyeball effect, still taking very strong enchanting breath.However, a large area of skin exposed design is easy to cause a sense of vulgar, can be additional with white coat to block, but also can be paired with a black cross-body bag, so that the color collocation more layered sense.The silhouette suit jacket itself has a strong sense of fashion, the addition of red only improves the silhouette coat’s eye absorption effect, at the same time, with the red beret to create a retro high-grade wind effect, very unique fashion.A white striped turtleneck is also a great slimmer, and paired with light blue fur-trimmed jeans, it creates a casual retro look that instantly takes you back to the modern era.● Red halterbelt dress red white effect in the halterbelt dress above show incisively and vividly, at the same time V collar halterbelt style can also enhance the overall charm temperament, more provocative style.Skirt waist to create a layering effect, giving a person the feeling is very advanced and unique, at the same time with short before long skirt, show slender legs, more can show the feminine charm of the body.Black heels can enhance the overall color response, creating an elegant and charming and mature effect.