After crazy complement strong, big Paris sit firmly head trade, The European Champions league is the ultimate goal

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When it comes to PSG, they are one of football’s biggest spenders. According to Opel Sports, they are able to offer attractive packages, recruit from any team, and they have improved their game so much that they are virtually uncontested in Ligue 1.Maybe the title was too boring, but last year they slowed down and gave Lille a chance.After failing to defend their title, Paris seemed to see the light and decided to make amends.In nowadays the outbreak did not improve, teams financial crisis, while Paris st germain, way of doing spent 60 million euros from inter milan hired ashraf, and also harvest quite abundant in the free market, free with real Madrid veteran ramos, also from Barcelona may boss signed the world’s people, from Liverpool midfielder aspects poaching wiener’s doom.Of course, the last three have to bear their high salaries.In this way, the grand Paris finally formed a luxury battleship, toward the new target to launch the assault.In this season’s Ligue 1 league, lille, Lyon and other established teams have no spirit, can only hover in the middle, while Greater Paris is a clean sweep of last year’s haze, successive victories.They are 13 points clear of second-placed Nice at the top of the table after winning at home to Rennes, and the club have set their sights on the Champions League.Greater Paris is a regular in the Champions League, but always exits in the first round of the knockout round.In addition to assembling a luxury roster, they also have a breakthrough, the last two years of the title contender, to reach the final four is like a shoo-in.Lionel Messi, Kylian Mbappe and Neymar form a striking trio, they are all fighting for the Champions League.May, in particular, left Barcelona for Greater Paris with the intention of winning another Champions League trophy at the end of his career.They will face Real Madrid in the knockout round of the Champions League.In terms of overall strength, Greater Paris has more advantages, after all, after the loss of Ronaldo, Real Madrid’s competitiveness is greatly reduced.Ramos will do his best against the old masters, just as Lionel Messi and Neymar, who played together for Barcelona, often do stunts against their bitter rivals.Overall, the elimination of Real Madrid is almost certain, for greater Paris, the biggest rivals are Bundesliga giants Bayern Munich and Chelsea.The league title is already in hand, they have a lot of time to prepare for the Champions League, Messi, Ramos and other people to join the team has more confidence, believe that this year greater Paris will make a breakthrough.