“Thank you!Made me feel loved and loved.”

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“Thank you brothers and sisters, uncles and aunts!I’m fine, you can rest assured, I can stick to it!”On the morning of January 27, zhao Lanlan (pseudonym) at home in Wangzhuang Village, CAI Ji Town, Suqian City, she looked at these people who came to give her “warmth” and said excitedly.It is understood that Zhao Lanlan, 20, is a junior student and relies on student loans to attend school.Not long ago, she had an operation for physical reasons, but instead of resting at home, she took on the “burden” of a family.”In June 2020, my father was in a car accident. Although he saved his life, he was left with serious sequelae. He was unable to take care of himself, paralyzed in bed, unable to move or speak.Zhao lanlan said that her university in Changchun, Jilin province, far away from home, usually more than 80 years old grandmother and uncle to take care of her father, mother left the family several years ago.Therefore, as soon as the holiday, she immediately rushed home to take care of her father and grandmother.Misfortunes never come alone.In 2021, when she was at school, Zhao lanlan often felt unwell and fell into a coma twice.She was diagnosed with a heart problem.I was diagnosed with ventricular tachycardia after undergoing surgery a while ago.The doctor told me that NOW I can only take medicine on time to control it, and if it is serious, I have to go to hospitals in Beijing and Shanghai for surgery.Zhao lanlan said.After learning of this incident, the Party branch of Suqian Daily and caji Branch of China Post Group Came to visit Zhao Lanlan.”Be strong. You are the family now. You will get through this.”Li Xiaojun, secretary of the Suqian Daily’s Party branch, told Zhao lanlan that there are many kind-hearted people in the society and everyone will help you. Believe in the Party and the government and life will be better.”Yes, after you go to school, if you are worried about your father and grandma, you can contact our postmen. We will come to visit them in time. Your first priority is to study hard.”China Post Group Co LTD Suqian City CAI Ji branch director Wang Ran said.”Before, my father was like a wall behind me that I could rely on,” zhao said.Now my father can’t take care of the family, SO I have to step up and grow up fast.In the past two years, I have been studying and doing part-time jobs. I am still worried about my family and have some hesitation in my heart, but your love makes me feel loved and cared about again. Thank you!I think I can do it!”(Reporter Zhongwen Road intern Shen Jianing)