Su Qing, the former head of Huawei Autopilot who was fired for making inappropriate remarks about Tesla, has left the company

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Photo source: Vision China’s original Huawei intelligent driving president Su Qing was recently reported to leave the news.In this regard, Huawei responded to the media, Su Qing has indeed left Huawei car BU, thank Su Qing for his contribution to car BU.Information shows that Su Jing is a star executive in huawei’s first show of autonomous driving. She was the former head of the Intelligent driving Product Department of Huawei’s intelligent vehicle solution BU and the head of Huawei’s autonomous driving product line.At the World Artificial Intelligence Conference in Shanghai in early July 2021, Su Qing was asked about the safety status of self-driving landing in a night talk forum.He cited the facts of tesla’s accident to give his opinion.Tesla has had a high accident rate over the years, he said, and the type of accident is very similar from the first person killed to the most recent.As a man with a straight technology huawei new “net red”, Su Qing used the more sharp killing words.But Su Qing also explained that the reason for this place to use this word may sound serious, but logically, in fact, it is so.”When machines enter human society and coexist with human beings, they will definitely cause accident rate,” he said. “We just want to minimize the accident rate.It’s a probabilistic thing.”The fundamental reason for Suqing’s view is that he thinks it is unrealistic for machines to completely replace human drivers.He doesn’t think machines will surpass humans in INTELLIGENCE for another 100 years, and L5, or fully autonomous driving, won’t be possible in this lifetime.So logically, if there is no such thing as a perfectly safe robot driver, it’s a matter of probability — the difference is just probability.In a landing app, this happens as the user gradually adopts it.Then Su Qing gave the solution. On the one hand, the automatic driving ability of the landing mass production car must be infinitely close to L4, and it can deal with all scenes and extreme scenes as much as possible.On the other hand, the autonomous driving system should require the user to supervise the driving of the vehicle, not completely delegate authority to the system.In fact, this idea, but also the current mass production of automatic driving faction of the industry consensus.From the background facts of the speech, or the logic of the discussion, Su Jing’s train of thought has no problem.However, it is not appropriate to be too sensitive to the word “killing” in the business of friends in the industry.Huawei respond at the time, Sue wellknown in external activities about automated driving technology and safety, in view of the tesla, the improper comments, Sue wellknown has its deep personal inappropriate comments for review, but given the comments caused negative effects, the company decided to revoke Sue wellknown smart car solution BU minister intelligent driving products division,And Su Qing himself will go to strategic reserve team to accept training and distribution.Huawei also stressed that the company respects the efforts and contributions of every participant in the industry and hopes to jointly promote the development of autonomous driving technology with the industry.But even at the time, many people complained that Su Qing did not deserve such a punishment.Unlike Yu’s “beyond” 2021, Huawei has made two major personnel changes.First, in early January, Yu Chengdong, former president of Huawei’s mobile phone business division, was appointed to take charge of huawei’s three core businesses, namely consumer business, smart cars and cloud services.According to insiders, After Yu chengdong became CEO, the business organization of Huawei BU was clearly separated from the technical organization, so that huawei BU architecture became more and more like the consumer business architecture model.The other was the dismissal of Su Jing, the head of Huawei’s smart car line, for publicly disparaging a friend.Su Qing is yu chengdong’s right hand man, once served as the chief architect of Huawei Terminal Company, also worked in Huawei Haisi semiconductor chip development, the famous Da Vinci AI architecture (Kirin chip architecture, AI runs the world’s first) under his leadership.According to caijing, citing internal staff evaluations, Su qing has a blunt temper and a “rebellious” and “technology-oriented” leadership style.And the choice of Su Qing to lead the autonomous driving team, there are also views that Huawei is intentional.After leading huawei to drive automatically, Su Qing’s viewpoint and speech, also cause hot discussion time and again.On the eve of the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2021, Su Qing, a spokesperson for Huawei after its self-driving debut, said: “Huawei self-driving is absolutely no. 1.”At the time, huawei was criticized for being too crazy, but there was also speculation that huawei needed such a person to push its smart car business to the forefront of attention.In fact, Huawei automatic driving, indeed with Su Qing’s speech, the first show is hot search.There are huawei internal evaluation of the old man, he (Su Qing) is very like when just do mobile phone mouth (Yu Chengdong).Anyone who knows Huawei knows that yu chengdong, whose nickname inside Huawei is “Yu Big Mouth”, has to be mentioned when talking about “outspoken mouth”.Classic sayings such as: “Three years more than Apple, five years more than Samsung”, “Huawei has no competitors in China”, “2K mobile phone screen is just fooling people” and so on.After all, huawei entered the terminal, opened a mobile phone, Yu Chengdong is with such style and hot comments, constantly refresh the attention.In 2011, Yu chengdong took over huawei’s mobile phone business division and issued a military command to Ren Zhengfei: “Huawei’s mobile phone will triple in one year and become the world’s no. 1 in three years!”In the first quarter of 2020, Huawei accounted for 21.4% of global smartphone shipments, surpassing Samsung and Apple and ranking first in global smartphone shipments for the first time.The only regret, however, is that it was five years longer than yu’s military warrant.Perhaps the difference between Yu chengdong and Su Jing is that Yu is talking about outdoing his rivals.Now, Su Jing has resigned from Huawei, the current whereabouts of the unknown.In July 2021, it was reported that He joined NIO. Nio responded that the news was “false”, and Su Qing also denied it in the circle of friends.(Compiled by Zhang Hongjin, editor of Ti Media App, from Sina Technology,, Finance, etc.)