Shandong: We will unswervingly accelerate the replacement of old drivers of growth with new ones

2022-04-28 0 By

Our reporter Yin Mingbo reported that “we will unswervingly speed up the transformation of old and new driving forces.”At the 7th session of the 13th Shandong Provincial People’s Congress, Zhou Naixiang, governor of Shandong Province, said in his government work report that Shandong province should focus on the goal of “achieving breakthroughs in five years”, pay close attention to the “three resolute”, strictly control the “two high levels”, optimize other areas, and expand the space for the transformation of kinetic energy.We will take precise measures to control high-polluting industries.Implement the requirements of the “four distinctions”, strictly implement the “five reduction substitution”, carry out inventory tracking supervision of the 16 “high energy consumption and high energy consumption” industries in Shandong Province, implement separate accounting and closed-loop management of energy consumption and coal consumption, and resolutely curb the blind development of “high energy consumption and high energy consumption” projects.We will promote advanced manufacturing as a whole.We will strengthen 7 national strategic emerging industry clusters, cultivate 3 to 4 national advanced manufacturing clusters, and create national high-quality manufacturing demonstration zones.We will consolidate the new advantages of the digital economy, build digital industrial clusters such as advanced computing and integrated circuits, and foster more than 30 big data innovation and development laboratories. The added value of core industries in the digital economy will account for about 7% of the total.We will plan to promote future industries such as aerospace information, deep-sea polar regions, life sciences and artificial intelligence.The “one chain, one policy” policy was adopted to upgrade 42 key industrial chains, support major chain enterprises in leading the establishment of industrial chain cooperation mechanisms, and implement a number of industrial infrastructure reconstruction projects.We will speed up the building of leading enterprises, gradually cultivate gazelles, unicorns and individual champion enterprises, and foster more than 400 new specialized enterprises at or above the provincial level and more than 150 individual champion enterprises.We will strengthen and expand the industrial Internet.Solid progress will be made in the construction of shandong Peninsula State-level Industrial Internet demonstration zone, and 100 typical application scenarios will be created in different sectors.Promote chain main enterprises to build industrial chain enabling platform, explore the whole chain, the whole park enabling and efficiency path, cultivate a total of more than 150 industrial Internet platforms, 15 industrial Internet parks.We will deepen the campaign to ensure smooth operation of clouds.Build the National industrial big data branch system in Shandong, promote the construction of more than 20 secondary nodes for identification analysis and jinan “Spark · Chain network” super node.The main targets for shandong’s economic and social development in 2022 are as follows: increase GDP by more than 5.5%, increase general public budget revenue by around 5%, and create more than 1.1 million urban jobs.