It’s harder to make your parents happy than to take care of your children. Do you have the same trouble?

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“Dad, it’s the Spring Festival, I bought you an overcoat!””Mom, I bought you some fruit…””Stop, stop, stop!We lack for everything!No, no!What you bought is expensive and bad!”Every Spring Festival, my family wechat group, always staged the same “buy refuse” dialogue, as the organ cadre’s father, to our sisters “taste”, always suspicious, for us to make a good idea, buy back a lot of things, always angry to!Is there a similar situation in your family?My father retired for more than a year. At the beginning, he was quite active. He went to sing in the university for senior citizens and went back to work to participate in exchanges.At first, he used to play mahjong with a neighbor, but after two rounds of the game, he got into an argument and angrily went home, saying he never wanted to go again.But stay at home for a long time, and feel boring, did not lead a few days, and go to play cards again by gas back: “what quality……Who told me not to play cards!”His mother asked him to accompany him to the market and supermarket, and he came back complaining, “The price is not cheap, and the service is so bad…You stroll every day stroll what, next time don’t go!”Father is not happy, the atmosphere of the whole family is not good, we try our best to please him, but nine times out of ten, he has a scolding: “What do you know?Go about your business!”One of the things he often said was: “Ah, it’s boring. When you get old, you don’t do well anywhere, and everyone looks down on you…”Even his two young grandsons gradually became difficult for him to notice. He had only been able to make love to them for two days, but on the third day, he began to nag them: “How can children be taught? They are not obedient at all!”At the thought of going home for Chinese New Year this year, my sister and I have to face up to dad’s retirement syndrome.But unexpectedly, last Wednesday, when our two families decided on the time to go home, my father sent a thumb-up expression and announced in the group: “You pack light and come back alone!I’m paying for all the New Year’s shopping this year!No one with me rob ah!Tell me what you want to eat!”We were overjoyed by pops’ change of heart!You guys want to hear more about Pops?Not long ago, I shared several e-books in my family’S wechat group: The Brain Happiness Password, Live Well, Live The Meaning of Life, etc., and @everyone.Father voice a: “Please don’t mass send!It’s so dense, it looks like work!”Mother also sent a “yes” expression.Or sister clever, find to listen to the public account, APP, and parents filled the value, first send some father love to listen to the historical story, mother love to listen to literature, life tips……Slowly, my parents began to indulge in listening to the book, but also to share with us, we praised the expression one by one.The husband also made the children’s head photos into dynamic expression hair group, vivid animation with “the most cattle veteran cadres”, “grandparents awesome!”And so on color title, made everyone laugh.”Ha ha ha, that’s good!Teach me, I also do a few small animation for the little grandson!”Pops out of control, with the husband hair mobile phone video demonstration learning, every day in the group hair all kinds of fun facial expressions, now also learning to cut off the film to do mobile phone video!Old mama also very proud: “now the don know can be much, the unit retires in the group, all kua he is fashionable old talent!”Once I lost several shopping links of tao CAI dishes to the group and chose the pick-up point at the gate of my parents’ community.After my father received the goods, he cheerfully @ me, saying, “The food and fruit are so fresh!Why is it so cheap when you can pick it up the next day?”I was overjoyed and wanted to contract my parents’ meals remotely. Unexpectedly, my father, an old fashion man, figured out how to buy it himself very quickly and made a “so easy” expression.Before long, he joined the in-store shopping group of the pick-up point to communicate with his neighbors about how to store, use and cook food. He also made a small video of my mother’s food and shared it with everyone in the group.This Spring Festival home, see the change of dad, my sister and I are happy from the bottom of my heart.We even went to psychology to study dad’s retirement syndrome. It was mentioned that if you shift your focus and develop new interests, the symptoms will go away.Fortunately, my dad used the Internet to rediscover his joy, his connection and his sense of validation.We changsha people say that chatting is “policy”, and the more policy, the happier we are. In this era of human kindness, to see my parents’ spiritual world, has been filled with a variety of interesting life scenes, I am completely at ease with my father!Only this among them sour, sweet, bitter, hot, how much joy how much sorrow, you also have the same experience?Leave a message and chat!I want to make a headline # This is the flavor of The New Year