A 26-year-old boy was diagnosed with “sinus bradycardia,” but doctors said it wasn’t always a disease

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26 years old boy, diligent in exercise, without any bad habits, the age is very young.In that case, he must be in good health.But the physical examination report test results let him into panic, the physical examination report pointed out that the boy has sinus bradycardia physical problems.The boy immediately sought advice from a number of doctors, who saw the test results and told him not to worry. Sometimes sinus bradycardia is not necessarily a physical problem.The boy put his heart down.Many times, we panic about our health because of an abnormal index in the physical exam.And the boy was diagnosed with sinus bradycardia, and why did the doctor say he didn’t have it?One, antrum sex bradycardia the heart rate of expression human body is normal in 60 times/divide 100 times/minute, and under 60 times/minute is called antrum sex bradycardia on medicine.In recent years, some say that the performance of heart rate below 50 beats/min is defined as sinus bradycardia.Why are there data updates on symptom presentation?Through clinical observation and scientific demonstration discovery, a lot of time, the heart rate of normal human body can achieve 60 times/minute -100 times/minute.But when you find your heart rate between 50 and 60 beats, don’t worry too much.This is not a symptom of sinus bradycardia, and your heart rate is still beating normally.Also, people who exercised regularly had a slower heart rate, while those who were inactive had a faster heart rate.That’s why a 26-year-old boy who normally exercises diligently was diagnosed with sinus bradycardia because his heart rate was too low.When your heart rate drops slightly below 60 beats per hour during your physical, don’t panic.But if your heart rate is below 50 beats per minute, it’s particularly alarming.In medicine, sinus bradycardia is usually summarized into several symptoms. The first one is that when adults induce sinus rhythm, the heart rate is usually less than 60 times/min.After medical research, the value of heart rate can be slightly lower than this standard value.The second symptom is easy to walk dizziness, high nerve tone.There may be occasional palpitations, conscious heartbeats, heavy body sensations.Because the manifestation of this symptom is not often, it is not easy to attract attention.But once the body has some kind of performance, in fact, it is not to be taken lightly.The body’s symptoms are a distress signal that something is wrong.The treatment of sinus bradycardia is usually based on treatment methods.Need to explore its etiology, sinus bradycardia caused by why, appropriate medicine.And can not only for the appearance, take conservative treatment, can not root remove patients, can only treat the symptoms, can not achieve the effect of curing the root.The result of free treatment may not only cause damage to other bodies of the human body, but also cause recurrence after a period of time even if the cure is successful.Sinus bradycardia often occurs during sleep in healthy individuals.Physical symptoms of sinus bradycardia are also common among manual workers and athletes.Of course, patients with lighter symptoms of pathological bradycardia do not have to be too nervous, the symptoms of this disease is mild, appropriate attention to some of the daily life can be.The incidence of sinus bradycardia is higher in the elderly.Special attention should be paid to families with elderly people.Take the elderly to have a physical examination regularly, and seek medical treatment in time once relevant adverse physical reactions and abnormal index values are found.But the antrum sex that appears during morpheus of healthy person bradycardia is physiology reason, belong to normal body phenomenon.Physiological sinus bradycardia is also more common in manual workers and athletes.Their heart rate at rest is lower than normal, usually around 50 beats per minute.Through scientific discovery, the heart rate of the person that often is engaged in sports beats a few slower than normal person instead.Treatment of sinus bradycardia The heart rate index of sinus bradycardia is defined differently in different countries around the world.In China, the heart rate is less than 60 beats per minute, which is one of the symptoms of sinus bradycardia.However, it is not necessary to be too nervous if the heart rate is less than 60 beats/min during the physical examination. You should seek the doctor’s advice and do a further physical examination.We should learn to treat pathological sinus bradycardia and physiological sinus bradycardia rationally.Physiological sinus sex bradycardia often appears on the body of sports person, need not care too much about, the heart rate beating speed of this kind of crowd is lower than normal value is the phenomenon that often appears.After further physical examination, patients with pathologic sinus bradycardia should be concerned.First, there should be dietary adjustments.Balanced nutrition with meat and vegetables.Get plenty of good protein, fresh fruits and vegetables, and whole grains.Eat less pickled products, taboo to eat high salt high oil food.Unhealthy foods strain the body.While maintaining a healthy diet, we should properly strengthen physical exercise.Do exercise regularly throughout the day.No smoking, no secondhand smoke.People suffering from hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia should strengthen exercise, and strive to control the body’s indicators within the range of normal value and control their weight.Otherwise, the body will aggravate the condition of sinus bradycardia.Find out the cause of disease, ability is more conducive to the treatment of pathological sinus bradycardia.Meningitis, cerebral hemorrhage and other diseases can lead to increased vagal nerve center excitability, which induces pathological sinus bradycardia.The body’s undesirable stimulative response is also one of the reasons that cause pathological bradycardia.The reflex vagus nerve can be excited by pressure on the eyeball, stomach irritation, nausea and vomiting.Common diseases include gastric dilatation, gallstones and urolithiasis.Persistent hypothermia, severe malnutrition, a weakened pituitary gland, and hypothyroidism all reduce the body’s ability to metabolize itself.Which induces pathological sinus bradycardia.Inappropriate use of drugs can also increase vagal nerve center excitability.Accordingly, treatment sinus sex bradycardia is contraindicated disorderly use.Only the right medicine can effectively cure the disease.Some infectious diseases can also cause pathological sinus bradycardia.Both myocardial damage and pathological sinus syndrome weaken the function of the sinus node and induce pathological sinus bradycardia.Uremia and hyperkalemia can disrupt the body’s electrolytes, which can affect how sinus nodes function in the body.Sinus bradycardia often occurs in the early stage of acute myocardial infarction.Therefore, extra attention is needed.It can be seen that if you want to treat pathologic sinus bradycardia, it is the key to find out the cause and take appropriate drugs.Good mood and positive mental state are also a good way to treat pathological sinus bradycardia.A lot of times, people have pathological sinus bradycardia because of a bad mood and a depressed psychological state.Getting too excited or feeling down is not good for maintaining a normal heart rate.Patients with sinus bradycardia often feel chest tightness, shortness of breath, and nausea.After a short walk, you will feel tired, tired, and have no interest in doing anything, and no energy.Blackout can occur at any time.Often feel dizzy, black eyes, feeling a gray.These are all symptoms of sinus bradycardia.Sinus bradycardia is most often caused by an abnormal nervous system, often characterized by high vagal tone.When sinus bradycardia continues to break out, it often shows that the beating speed of heart rate continues to change slowly, and the value is between 40 times/and 60 times/minute.The rate of blood flow in the body is not significantly affected, so there is not much effect on lipid levels.The continuous decrease of heart rate will seriously damage the organs and induce heart diseases.As the heart rate slows down, the output function of the heart is also lost, unable to output enough blood for the normal operation of the body, and the cardiac output per minute is also reduced, which may lead to temporary shock in severe cases.All kinds of symptoms of sinus bradycardia should attract people’s adequate attention in daily life.Once you find obvious bradycardia, call for help and seek professional medical treatment.At ordinary times, you can often measure pulse, blood pressure, pay attention to observe the changes in the indicators of your body.Note the distinction between pathological sinus bradycardia and physiological sinus bradycardia symptoms of the two diseases.When seeking medical treatment, the doctor can determine effectively by examining the cardiopulmonary and cardiac organs through auscultation.We can also judge by the changes in various conditions of the body.Coronary heart disease patients should pay more attention to observe whether the physical symptoms of sinus bradycardia.Coronary heart disease patient often can appear the body feeling of angina pectoris, the likelihood is caused as a result of coronary heart disease itself, also may be accompanied as a result of antrum sex bradycardia causes.When we see a doctor, we should first seek professional medical treatment in the cardiovascular department.Doctors can make professional medical judgment, take appropriate medicine and provide professional treatment plan through the changes of ecg and dynamic ECG index.Exercise tests and sleep tests are also used to detect sinus bradycardia, which is often used in daily life.We can make certain judgments by looking at how our heart rate changes during exercise and how it changes during sleep.If you are not a regular exerciser, and your heart rate varies significantly from normal to normal when you exercise suddenly, and your heart rate per minute is much lower than normal, you should pay extra attention.Patients with sinus bradycardia can have apnea, bradycardia during sleep.Therefore, patients with sinus bradycardia can choose to wear a heartbeat monitor in their daily life, and often observe their heart rate changes. When the heart rate is abnormal, the instrument will give a warning.It is also easy to attract the attention of patients and their families and avoid other dangers.Sinus bradycardia is usually caused by over-excitation of the vagus reflex, and patients often experience syncope.In patients with sinus bradycardia, the function of the SINOatrial node is impaired to some extent, resulting in bradycardia.The sa node can be restored with medication and a pacemaker implant.If the body does not have obvious symptoms of sinus bradycardia, do not worry too much.Although sinus bradycardia was pointed out on the test report, due to the mild condition, appropriate attention can be paid to life.There is no need for medical treatment.At the same time, it is particularly important to distinguish between the pathological and physiological manifestations of such diseases. If you do not distinguish the symptoms of the two diseases, you may have a sense of tension.Sinus bradycardia can be acute, and patients may suddenly faint while walking, with blackness in the eyes and weakness in the limbs.Face this kind of circumstance, ought to carry atropine, different propyl adrenalin tablet, the medicine such as ephedrine, take in time, can raise heart rate, defer illness.After taking drugs to get short-term relief, go to a nearby hospital in time for oxygen treatment, which can relieve chest tightness, shortness of breath and other physical symptoms caused by bradycardia.If you want to treat sinus bradycardia from the source, you should find out the cause.Many sinus bradycardia are caused by diseases such as increased intracranial pressure, medications, biliary obstruction, and typhoid fever, so it is especially important to identify the cause.Can first treat the cause, let the heart rate slowly return to the normal value range, in the use of drugs to increase the heart rate, improve the cardiac output, enhance the operation of organs, to ensure the normal operation of the human body.As the saying goes, three parts of medicine are poison.Not all diseases can be cured by taking medicine.Doctors should make different medication regiments according to the different conditions of each patient.Patients should also learn to cooperate with the doctor, take medicine on time, appropriate exercise, light diet, so as to be conducive to the improvement of the condition.Sinus bradycardia can also take surgery and traditional Chinese medicine treatment, can achieve good treatment results.In fact, all kinds of treatment is just a means to treat a disease.Personal care after healing is key.Want to go to a hospital regularly to undertake examination, learn to develop scientific and healthy lifestyle.Summary When the physical examination found sinus bradycardia, do not worry too much.A doctor should be consulted for further diagnosis.Sometimes the heart rate is slow, and may not have sinus bradycardia.It can be due to physical activity or regular exercise.Pathological sinus bradycardia should be distinguished from physiological sinus bradycardia. Physiological sinus bradycardia is not a disease and there is no need to be nervous.In daily life, exercise, healthy diet, take medicine on time, after a period of conditioning, mild sinus bradycardia will be improved.