Love you into the heart, forget you

2022-04-27 0 By

There is a kind of love, across the mountains and rivers, or willing to wait;There is a distance, not far not close, because has been in the heart.Acacia for you, persistent for you, I love just to meet you again.Love you into the heart, forget you, the day you left, I just know, there is a turn around, called the future meeting.Write down a blessing, because I still care about you, I hope you have a better than me.There is a kind of happiness, is to see you get happiness in the world.Can’t keep you, I can only stand not far from you, silently miss you.Infatuation for you, let me miss a lot of scenery, endure heartache, do not bother you, I wish you happy every day.Miss you every day, how I want to see you again, listen to you talk about your recent changes.Will miss you, write into words, I hope that one day you can see my heart, know that I love you so much.This life love is shallow, the truth is hard to break, I walked through many places, but still forget your face, forget your hands.Can’t do to forget you, can’t do when you don’t show up, so day after day, year after year I miss you.That a beautiful meet, in my heart left a touch and warmth.Even if we can’t be together, I still hope you are ok.Love is a rose, most beautiful when blooming, leaving endless yearning after fading.Love you into the heart, forget you, can not put you, in countless sleepless nights, aftertaste the beauty of the meeting, recall the warmth of the acquaintance.There is a you, have come, since then, never leave from my heart.Years of wind and frost, climb up the face, still passionately devoted to you.Get to know each other, really love each other, finally, can only watch you away from me more and more.Thanksgiving had known each other, if can hand in hand to the old, how good.True love can not be found, unfortunately, our fate only so much.May you learn to love yourself and cherish the people you love. Time will treat you gently.The four seasons change, a heart always miss you.You are just a passer-by, but condensed all my deep feeling.It is a torment to miss someone who has no return date.Whenever the wind, I accompany with the past, and memories.There is a deep feeling, is feeling to the depths of loneliness.Time to cook rain, scattered acacia, accumulated into a full sincere feeling.I loved you recklessly, now, only sentimentally attached people know.Can not meet the day, will be thousands of strands of love into deep thoughts.Fate to fate, my heart is not back, love is difficult to give up, love is difficult to break, life for you to bear the pain of parting.Love you into the heart, forget you, you are in the horizon or in my heart, are my favorite people.A persistent, a read waiting for life.No one is not good enough, just bad timing.Recalling the dribs and drabs of walking together, the corners of the mouth hang a smile, and then, is a person lost.Love to give up, because meet too beautiful, read you to the old, love you forever.