How to choose capacity and configuration?The car environment is so, the sales crowns are really no way

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From the beginning of the epidemic to today, all industries around the world have been severely affected, and many well-known companies are even facing bankruptcy.But at the same time, some industries have gained more opportunities due to the epidemic. For example, the high-end chip industry has become the most sought after resource in the current technological era due to its scarcity and irreplaceability.In our automobile market, with the popularization of intelligence, chips have become a key link equal to the human brain. Without advanced chips, automobile companies cannot achieve the due level of intelligence, such as automatic driving function will be greatly reduced, or it may be empty.In the domestic auto market, many auto companies will face various problems due to chip shortage in 2021, such as production reduction or short-term suspension of production.If you have paid attention to the price of models in the automobile market in the last two years, you will find that the discount of most models is greatly reduced, which is because demand exceeds supply. After all, without the corresponding chip, it means that the configuration of this model is reduced to a level, and consumers can not experience the quality of driving.So some car companies choose to supply mainstream models first, in order to alleviate the chip shortage.However, some car companies have come up with a set of “solutions” that make consumers feel cold. Taking the Great Wall Euler’s “chip gate” exposed at the end of last year as an example, it has triggered heated discussions in the industry.The brief description of the incident is that Euler officially advertised that its Good Cat model would carry “Qualcomm eight core” on-board chip, but in fact, it carried another four-core chip, resulting in a significant reduction in vehicle system fluency and functionality.The key is that after being exposed, Great Wall Motor made a series of mysterious operations. First, it proposed a compensation scheme worth 7,200 yuan, which was rejected by many car owners, and then it proposed a cash compensation of 10,000 yuan, which still made people angry.This is not only euler brand, the tank brand under the Great Wall, with the tank 300 model to earn a wave of heat, become the light of domestic off-road SUV, but due to the impact of the lack of core, the new tank 300 cyberversion can not be delivered.However, Great Wall failed to respond to customers who had reserved their cars in a timely manner, resulting in a joint statement by more than 3,000 car owners and a compensation plan for different car owners.If you’ve been following more car news, you’ve also seen some of the new powers that make cars go to extremes.Take the ideal car, which is hot recently, as an example. Despite the lack of chips, the Ideal ONE model, which lacks two millimeter-wave radars, was delivered to users. The official said that it would be reinstalled after corresponding parts are available.In this way, not to mention the lack of safety experience, it will also lead to other safety features of the vehicle there are hidden dangers, so the only ideal car is not ridiculed is that it is informed of the owner before delivery.Finally, a brief talk about LAVida OF SAIC Volkswagen. Not long ago, some owners found that there were problems with the radio accessory parts of some Lavida models produced from 2021, and the reason was “lack of core”.However, SAIC Volkswagen stated in advance before delivery, and relevant parts enjoy the same quality guarantee service as original equipment. It also made it clear that dealers inform owners of this situation by signing user notification letters and other means in the sales process.Compared with the above brand, it can be said that Lang Yi this “minus” has been very conscience.To be honest, the production capacity is affected so that the car cannot be delivered, which is more serious than the reduction, especially for many consumers who are waiting for the car. In the current environment, they either wait or give up their love, so there is really no way for the top-selling models like Lavida.