Zijing community: a group of outstanding college student volunteers were commended

2022-04-26 0 By

On February 17, 2022, Li Na, secretary of the Party Committee of Zijing Community, held a commendation conference for outstanding College Student volunteers in epidemic prevention and control work.At the commendation meeting of outstanding College Student volunteers for epidemic prevention and control, Li Na, Party Secretary of Zijing Community, Lifeng Street, Zhongstation District, expressed her gratitude to the college student volunteers, who actively responded to the call and went all out to support the epidemic prevention and control work of Zijing Community in Lifeng Street during the critical period of the new round of COVID-19 prevention and control.In epidemic prevention and control and volunteer work, they are committed to their work, selfless dedication, and actively cooperate with community workers to carry out epidemic prevention and control publicity.Scanning code temperature measurement, information investigation, registration and other work, with responsibility and responsibility for the health and safety of the people in their hometown, with practical actions to show the youth of contemporary college students.In the station media li Feng Zijing Xu Laiwei